What is the outlook for the transparent LED screen market?

As smart technology gradually penetrates into people’s daily life, the stylish, beautiful and modern glass curtain wall also enters people’s lives. Transparent LED display is light and thin, no steel frame & structure, easy to install and maintain, transparent, good performance and other characteristics, and the glass curtain wall can be described as a hit, so transparent LED display has been widely concerned and popular in the market. According to industry insiders, as an emerging market, although the transparent LED screen market has not yet fully opened, it will certainly be an incrementa market with a bright future.

Nowadays, whether it is a commercial complex, a shopping mall, a 4S shop, a shop window, a SLR is a place with glass, and it is a market where transparent LED screens exist. For example, in the building lighting project, the glass screen required in the future may be replaced by an transparent LED display, and the number of such projects is still increasing, so the market for transparent LED display is also infinite.

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In addition, the transparent LED screen has its own characteristics compared with the traditional LED display.

First of all, transparent LED display as a new display technology, the biggest feature is transparent, it has a permeability of 70% to 90%, beautiful and generous, less impact on the original building appearance. When the transparent LED screen is used to play the advertisement content, the rest does not emit light, but only the content to be played is displayed. This play method can also reduce light pollution and energy consumption. It is also in line with the energy-saving theme advocated by China and responds to the call for national energy conservation and emission reduction.

Secondly, the transparent LED screen is also easy to assemble and debug. It can be quickly and easily fixed to the bracket with both hands, or it can be customized. The groove design on the back of the module makes the connection easier. Again, it’s light weight and easy to transport, including all the structure and power, and the weight per square meter is only half that of a traditional screen. The thin and light features not only make the screen look compact, but also save on shipping and storage costs.

Finally, as an transparent LED display, it is also easy to maintain and update. For example, when an LED light is broken, there is no need to replace the entire module, just replace a set of light bars. Maintenance is done indoors, with high efficiency and low cost. With so many features of transparent LED display, it is reasonable to occupy a huge market space in the future.

Although the transparent LED display is getting closer to the aesthetic requirements of the public, it has many advantages. However, as a new type of display technology, it has to be popular in the market, and there are still many problems to be solved. Such as the current transparent LED screen is only a semi-outdoor product, need to be installed behind the glass wall; secondly, the transparent LED screen waterproof , dustproof, sunscreen function needs to be strengthened; finally, now, the cost of transparent LED screen is still high. If the cost is lowered and there is a reasonable price in the market, the market space will be further expanded.

In summary, with the acceleration of the pace of urbanization, people are increasingly demand fashion, aesthetics, and modern atmosphere. transparent LED displays are increasingly popular with the public. The many advantages of its own transparency, etc., also cater to the needs of contemporary consumers. Finally, if the manufacturers solve the problems of outdoor three-proof and other problems existing in the transparent LED screen, the market space is not a dream.

Post time: Nov-05-2019