The new trends in the development of the LED display industry in 2020 are here

1. New technology blowout: The technological innovation of the LED display industry is starting from the previous “no man’s land”, and gradually finding a new direction-Micro/Mini LED, COB and other ultra-high-definition display technologies, common cathode energy saving, etc. Green trends are promoting the overall optimization of industrial technology; at the same time, with industrial transformation and upgrading, the industry’s enthusiasm for technological innovation is unprecedentedly high, and technology is becoming the core power and backbone support for comprehensively promoting the high-quality development of LED display manufacturers.

The most intuitive results brought to the industry by current new technologies and new products are no longer satisfied with a single hardware product upgrade iteration and rich functions, but based on the implementation of comprehensive solutions in display scenarios, allowing users to get a better visual experience , This is also a new business opportunity.

In 2020, with the development of 5G and 8K applications, under the new track of smart scene display applications, the popularization of LED smart display products is a matter of course. At the same time, new technologies are not only driving new tracks, but also new models, so that more and more LED display manufacturers are not satisfied with selling products to make price differences, but to improve and broaden their profitability through services. .

2. New groups detonate: The current demand for personalized and trendy terminal markets is rising rapidly, and terminal customers in the LED display market are getting younger and younger, and their “hobbies” are more focused on “circulation and segmentation of needs”. This also brings new challenges to LED display manufacturers and new opportunities for development.

Compared with the previous “price win” market king, the end customers are now more concerned about whether their needs can be met one by one, and whether the services of manufacturers can keep up with their actual needs. Under this circumstance, LED display manufacturers must re-examine new consumer groups, because they will definitely become the protagonist of the market detonation in 2020, bringing surprises to the development of the enterprise.

3. New applications detonate: The current LED display has become an important way to highlight culture and individuality in various urban scenes. In recent years, the explosion of the night travel economy and the development of the cultural tourism industry have driven the expansion of the LED display market. With the continuous improvement and update of LED display technology, products, and solutions, its application innovations are also emerging in an endless stream.

The brilliant performance of the transparent screen in the stage art, the shocking effect of the ultra-high-definition small pitch in the theater, and the innovative application of commercial display and other fields, LED displays are glowing in more and more scenes. Facing the further detonation of the new application market in 2020, in addition to increasing investment in technology research and development and channel expansion, LED display companies should also continue to deepen their efforts in public security, transportation, commercial display and other sub-sectors to dig deeper into differentiation Develop so as to occupy a greater advantage in market competition.

There is no doubt that the market environment in 2020 will be more unpredictable. In addition to seizing the opportunity to make efforts in internal product development and innovation, companies also need to make efforts in various channels of contact with users to accelerate the diversification of channel models. Innovative and optimized to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Post time: Nov-23-2020