O podjetju - Shenzhen Radiant Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Radiant Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-class leading professional proizvodnja LED zaslonov in China, it was established in 2007. Radiant is developed along with the development of the entire LED display industry.  Until today, we have gone through 15 letno of history.  

Radiant insists on "Action speaks louder than words" as its  philosophy. We provide one-stop service from R&D, design, manufacture, sale, technical support, installation and customer service. Among them, R&D is the key power to support us to develop for 15 years and will be longer in the future.

We have a powerful and nice team so that our business covers the domestic and foreign regionss in different markets, such as sistemska integracija, medijsko oddajanje, izobraževanje, maloprodaja, zabava, šport, vlada, igralniška industrija, razstave, film in televizija itd.

Ustvarjalni LED zasloni become more and more popular today, thus our company developed some new items to meet market’s demands. Flexible LED display, transparent LED display and gaming LED signage are our main products, these items are walking in the forefront of our industry, we have a lot of advantages on them. In addition, 3D-zasloni in potopni zasloni are also our another two key points, we pay attention to their both development in the market all along.

We have always pursued the principle of kakovosti in storitev . This principle assures Radiant to operate healthily and develop actively. In our business experience, we nearly don’t have customer complaints because our products stand on a high level.

Danes se digitalni LED-zaslon uporablja v vedno več panogah, zlasti v oglaševanju, včasih je kombiniran z AR/VR ali drugimi novimi tehnologijami za ustvarjanje kreativnega in inovativnega učinka, da pritegne pozornost ljudi, kar hitro spremeni naše življenje.

Duty, honesty, cooperation, quality are our company’s core value. We will always stand with our colleagues and clients together to develop our products in the world. Believe us, believe yourself, we will build a more colorful and brighter future. 



CE-EMC (standardni izdelki)

CE-LVD (standardni izdelki)


ISO9001: 2015

CE-EMC (prosojni LED zaslon)

CE-LVD (prozorni LED zaslon)






Prozorni LED zaslon

Tehnologija magnetnega modula za pregleden LED zaslon

Prozorna LED plakat

Prozorna LED plakat




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