Why are LED transparent screens rarely used in all outdoor areas?

At present, transparent LED screens are mostly used in indoor environments, including stage dance beauty, shop windows, glass curtain walls, auto shows and other fields. So why is the transparent LED screen rarely used in the outdoor field?

The main reasons are as follows:

1. Outdoor waterproofing

Outdoors need to be used for a long time, so be sure to do waterproof work. We know that the conventional LED screen protection grade is IP65. Because of the diversity of the outdoor environment, it must be waterproof and dustproof. At present, the transparent LED screen protection level is generally IP30, which can only be used indoors, and is completely unsuitable for long-term outdoor use.

2. Outdoor brightness requirements are high

The outdoor light is strong, which determines the brightness requirements of the outdoor LED display is relatively high, generally above 4000CD/m2. If the brightness is not handled well, reflective conditions will occur, and the viewing effect will be affected. The indoor environment is weak, and there is no high requirement for brightness. Generally, it is around 2000CD/m2.

It is precisely the above two shortcomings that transparent LED screens are rarely used in the outdoor environment, but this market has great prospects. Many manufacturers have to develop a new generation of semi-outdoor transparent LED screens to speed up the process of transparent screens going out of the outdoors. Perhaps as the market potential further increases, it becomes possible for transparent LED displays to move into the outdoor market.

Transparent LED display with its new visual experience and application experience, with its unique display, thin design, high-end fashion technology, a new display image, and gradually attract people’s attention, market opportunities. At present, the transparent screen developed by Radiant is a semi-outdoor product with a brightness of 3500~5500CD/m2, which can meet the needs of the outdoor rental market.

Post time: Nov-08-2019