When the gaming industry encounters LED displays


The passionate youth in memory

Whoever does not play games in youth, has not played games before, friends, and in the same year have less chatting resources. I still remember that when sand dunes and red police were popular, Warcraft and DOT were smash hits, most of the players gathered in Internet cafes. There were often onlookers on the inner and outer floors. Although the atmosphere was explosive, it was really tired, so I stood still. The periphery may regret not being able to observe the duel between masters.

And now, our gaming experience has gone through TV, computer, and now popular mobile games. Participation in watching the game is limited by the operating platform, and the feeling of passionate youth in the past is less. In recent years, as games have gradually become an industry, live broadcasting, competitions, professional leagues, etc. have appeared one after another. Multi-screen interaction with LED displays has been widely used in game competitions and live broadcasting, and the colorful game experience and pan The interactive participation of the game crowd has made the industry more prosperous, exploding with amazing prospects.


Internet café live broadcast from alone music to public music

In Shanghai, a professional studio that provides matches and live broadcasts for major game companies, websites and leagues, using the display experience of LED screens in multiple ways, has created a game mecca, attracting the most popular mobile game "Glory of the King". The professional league 2017 spring season regular league Shanghai division will start here, and it will bring a different experience to game lovers through live watching and online broadcast!


LED display and game live broadcast are more suitable

For game lovers who want to experience and observe, it is easy to find it. The studio has set up a large LED screen outdoors, and uses the gorgeous high-definition picture as a guide, which can be seen from a distance.


Whether it is professional game live studios, indoor and outdoor live broadcasts, or related display applications in the field, we can make large LED screens and find powerful colors to provide a full range of products to meet various display needs. For mobile live events with frequently changing scenes, the powerful Jucai standard series of indoor D481, D391, outdoor N625, N595 and other series products seamlessly and quickly assemble; while indoor fixed type, Internet cafes, etc. can choose indoor S series, Q series And various models of high-density T series; for webcasting, there are various needs such as taking pictures, video, etc., powerful giant color Q4 (1/16 scan), P3 and below products, high-density T series, standard series (rental) , Indoor S series, A series have been equipped with high-definition high-level PWM driver IC: refresh rate ≥ 3840Hz, low brightness and high gray, gray scale up to 14-16bit, delicate display more details, no water ripple, no frequency flash.

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