Transparent LED screen market future prospect analysis-Transparent LED screen implementation principle

In the past two years, the overall demand for LED display has declined. The price wars, channel wars, and capital wars in the industry have intensified, which has intensified competition among LED screen companies. Many companies continue to adjust their strategies to actively respond to the current market environment, highlighting their brand advantages through a certain market segment, and realizing the true “people without me, people have me fine”, looking for a new way out for development.

Transparent LED screen market prospects

In the field of innovation of LED display application terminal products, transparent LED screen has a place in the display mode, thin design, high-end atmosphere, with its new visual experience and application experience. As a creative market segment of LED display, transparent LED screen not only enriches the types and display modes of display products, but also brings unlimited business opportunities for the development of advertising media market. As early as 2012, the “Transparent Display Technology and Market Outlook” report published by Displaybank, a US market regulator, had boldly predicted that by 2025, the transparent display market value would be about $87.2 billion. Undoubtedly, transparent LED screen as a rising star in the field of LED display, its prospects are very good.

Transparent LED screen implementation principle

The transparent LED screen is a micro-innovation of the light bar screen in the industry. It has made targeted improvements to the chip manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system. With the structure of the hollow design, the permeability is greatly improved.

The design of this LED display technology greatly reduces the blockage of the structural components to the line of sight, maximizing the perspective effect. At the same time, it also has a novel and unique display effect. The viewer is watching at an ideal distance, and the picture is suspended above the glass curtain wall.

In addition, when designing the transparent LED screen advertisement content screen, the unnecessary background color can be removed, replaced with black, and only the content to be expressed is displayed, and the black portion does not emit light during playback, and the effect is transparent. The playback method can greatly reduce light pollution, and at the same time reduce energy consumption, and can achieve more than 30% energy saving than ordinary LED display.

Through the breakthrough of technology, the transparent LED screen not only ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., but also has good heat dissipation function, anti-aging performance, and is easy to install and maintain, completely changing the tradition. The limitations of LED display applications on glass.

Post time: Nov-15-2019