Transparent LED display foreground and market

In recent years, with the rapid development of national entertainment activities, the rental LED display market has also prospered. Various conferences, concerts, TV programs, wedding malls, and cultural performances are becoming more and more abundant. Following the development of the current dance market, full-color transparent LED screens are beginning to move toward the stage. The audience is also increasingly accepting new LED products and visual effects.

Radiant transparent LED screen products are optimized in the structure of the device, so that the transparent LED screen can be more conveniently and quickly installed. The transparent LED screen is lighter in weight and more suitable for being disassembled and replaced by itself, which can meet the needs of the stage and the beautiful device.

On one hand,some rental LED screens are suitable for stage dances to require light weight, thin structure, hoisting and convenient device functions, which can be easily and quickly installed and disassembled for easy use.

On the other hand, the layout of traditional rental LED screens has more restrictions on lighting design. Cabinet-type scenery, the location of the installation of the lights is extremely limited, so there will be lack of atmospheric light and ambient light on the stage, so that the stage will lack the atmosphere of the scene, and it is difficult to present a perfect stage effect. The Radiant LED screen greatly compensates for the shortcomings of the traditional LED display.Transparent LED screen can be built according to the stage shape, the screen is patchy, and the overall depth of the stage frame is used. The screen body is transparent, light and colorful, and produces a strong squint effect, making the whole picture The depth of field is getting longer. At the same time, it does not hinder the stage design to leave the space for lighting suspension and play, and gives the whole stage a certain atmosphere and dynamic, and can express the theme.

In addition, compared with the traditional rental LED display, the transparent LED display has very high transparency, the texture is light and thin, and its planning is fashionable and beautiful, with a modern and technological smell.

Finally, after careful editing of the screen video, the transparent LED display utilizes the unique screen display technology and the transparent features of the screen to form a three-dimensional realistic and virtual ideal space, multi-screen common display, and space image motion. The stage effect enhances the sense of layering and movement, which will greatly enhance the expressiveness of the show, and make the LED screen integrated with the real scene.

Post time: Nov-20-2019