The LED screen of the Hong Kong Red Pavilion falls and hurts people! These safety hazards cannot be ignored

On the 28th, a major safety accident occurred on the stage of the Hong Kong Red Pavilion: Hong Kong's top idol group Mirror held a concert in the Red Pavilion. A large LED screen hung above the stage suddenly fell and hit two dancers who were performing. It is understood that the two actors had spinal injuries to varying degrees, one was relatively stable, while the other was seriously injured and was in a third-degree coma when sent to the hospital. At present, this accident has attracted the attention of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Li Jiachao! It is very sad to see such a picture.

The cause of this safety incident is under investigation. At present, this incident has attracted extreme attention from people in the LED display industry, stage performance industry and rental construction industry. There are some safety hazards in the process of production, structure and installation and use of LED display. The industry must pay attention to it, this is a wake-up call!


Large screen construction safety is extremely important

LED fixed screens, stage screens, etc. are usually stacked very high, or hoisted at a high place. There are many actors, spectators and pedestrians nearby, and the safety problem is prominent. The structural safety of the display screen is an important part of the design and installation process. Due to the short installation time of the LED rental screen, it is impossible to set aside a long time to check whether it is firm, so it is particularly important whether the box connection can be quickly checked.

In terms of box material, the application of new materials such as carbon fiber,

magnesium alloy, and nano-polymer unique materials can greatly reduce the weight and thickness of the LED display box. The thin and light box is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of the product, but also reduces the load on the supporting buildings and racks, making it safer.

To eliminate the hidden safety hazards of LED display on stage performances, in addition to the hard work of the manufacturer on the product, the correct installation and use of the LED display rental company on the site are also indispensable. Before the construction of the large screen, a construction party with complete qualifications must be selected, and the construction personnel must have relevant construction experience and work with certificates, which is the key to eliminating potential safety hazards.

In order to ensure the safety of stacking and hoisting, LED display lessors and construction parties must strictly abide by the limit on the number of layers for stacking and hoisting. At the same time, choose the correct installation method and high-quality building materials to avoid safety accidents.

 Of course, in addition to the fall of the large LED screen involved this time, there have been many large screen collapse accidents in recent years due to improper construction and unreasonable construction structure. These security incidents are very worthy of deep consideration by the upstream, middle and downstream of the industry. At the same time, we also need to strictly control every pass, even if it is to tighten the last small screw cap.

With safety in use, these issues may increase security concerns beyond project quality and installation.

During the use of LED displays, many factors may cause safety problems, and users need to have certain common sense. For example, the brightness of the LED electronic display near the road should be well controlled. If the brightness is moderate, it can bring convenience to pedestrians and vehicles. However, if the brightness of the LED electronic screen is too high, it may cause the yellow line in the middle of the road to be unclear, and cause accidents and violations. Too dazzling video content will also cause pedestrians and drivers to cause accidents by looking up at the screen. Criminal law is involved if indecent content is shown.


Product safety, manufacturers need to control the quality

LED display fire accidents occur from time to time, most of which are caused by poor product quality and untimely maintenance. Especially in summer, the temperature is very high, and after the LED display is lit, it is in a power-on state, so the requirements for heat dissipation are also very high. If the design of the cooling air duct is unreasonable, it is easy to cause dust to accumulate on the fan spindle, power supply and main board, resulting in poor heat dissipation, short circuit of electronic components, short circuit of connecting lines, stuck fan and other problems, which may cause fire.

 In fact, bad weather will cause damage to the LED display to some extent. Generally, manufacturers will consider these factors within the design scope, and have also done corresponding safety protection and testing, but they cannot completely guarantee that the product is foolproof. If the weather deteriorates, be sure to turn off the LED display and do a safety test before starting it again. After-sales should also keep up, timely inspection and maintenance.

Whether it is Party A or the manufacturer, before the big screen is turned on, formal training must be given to the user to standardize the use of the LED display.

At the same time, LED display manufacturers must control quality. For example, when producing LED outdoor large screens, they should pay attention to the use of fireproof materials, and good quality control in terms of waterproof, dustproof and heat dissipation. If you blindly pursue cost-effectiveness, it may undermine the principle of quality control, and in the end it will outweigh the gains.

Post time: Aug-01-2022

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