Rental LED screen arc, outer arc points are not clear? And 2 kinds of installation introduction

Product development and design are to meet the market demand, rental LED screen is also the same, the production form is diverse, to meet the needs of different occasions, different customers. The focus here is on the definition of the inner and outer arcs of the curved LED display, as well as common methods.

About the definition of internal and external arcs and mouth:

The industry’s first definition of internal and external arcs and the “inside and outside negative, concave and convex” to regulate industry standards and promote industry health anti-war. This sentence is very well understood. The front panel is viewed from the front of the screen. The screen is recessed and the inner arc is a positive angle. Similarly, the front panel of the person station is viewed from the front, and the screen body is convex, which is an outer arc and is a negative angle.

Curved LED rental screen installation method:

 How could we do the curved LED display? In order to maximize the effectiveness of rental LED screens, different manufacturers have developed their own method of splicing curved rental LED display screens. The specific methods are as follows:

1.Sliding curved lock

This can usually be spliced ​(5°0° -5°) in three arcs, depending on the sliding arc lock to adjust the orientation, and then the cabinet is spliced. The advantage is that it can be quickly controlled. The disadvantage is that the arc is less selectable, but the daily 5° arc is sufficient unless there is a special large arc requirement.

2. Rotary arc lock

This rotary curved design usually has seven arcs of splicing (-15° -10° -5°0° 5° 10°15°). The advantage is that the arc is more selectable. The disadvantage is that you need to control the rotation precision, alignment, and sometimes the accuracy is a little bit, which will cause a large stitching error or splicing.

Post time: Jul-24-2020