Relationship between pixel pitch, viewing distance, and transparency on LED displays

RadiantLED transparent displays are mostly built for indoors, and we offer a huge variety of pixel pitches for various viewing distance from across the mall to across the street.


▶▶What is a pixel pitch?

The relationship between pixel pitch, transparency and the minimum viewing distance:

Generally, the higher pixel pitch offers higher transparency due to the larger distance between individual LEDs:

RadiantLED Wall Model TP2.9 TP3.9 TP7.8 TP10
Pixel Pitch (mm) 2.9×5.8 3.91×7.81 7.81×7.81 10.4×10.4
Transparency >73% >76% >81% >84%
Min. Viewing distance (meters) 2.9 4.89 9.76 13.00
Min. Viewing distance (feet) 9.52 16.04 32.03 42.65





▶▶What is a pixel pitch?

Lower pixel pitch offers crisper image and higher resolution in general, but the LED screen may appear to be opaque and less transparent when viewed from afar; therefore, to remain best visual results, it is best to choose the correct pixel pitch according to the viewing distance to display the best resolution and transparency for your display.

We recommend the following RadiantLED Wall Models by viewing distance and transparency:

Office Indoor or retail stores Street Retail or large malls
Viewing distance (meters) 3~5 6~9 10~15 >16
Viewing distance (feet) 9~15 16~25 33~49 50~65
RadiantLED Wall Model TP2.9, TP3.9 TP3.9 TP7.8, TP10.4





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Post time: Jul-19-2019