Insightful industry analysis: 2018 transparent LED display market fully outbreak

In 2017, the glass curtain wall LED display products became the “big screen” boom in the outdoor field, driven by the trend of market terminal demand towards light, thin and transparent, and government policies, such as shopping malls, commercial buildings, and automobile 4S stores. The high-end venues such as the Science and Technology Museum have begun to use a large range of glass curtain wall LED display products.

Time flies, and in February 2018, can this year’s transparent LED display continue the hot situation of last year? This answer is affirmative, and I am very confident and tells everyone.

According to relevant data, the market value of the market transparent display by 2025 is about 87.2 billion US dollars. As an important part of the transparent display field, the market prospect of transparent LED display is very impressive and has attracted people’s attention. Since 2017, transparent LED display has been widely used in outdoor curtain wall, digital dance, commercial display and other fields. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, transparent LED display is transparent, unobstructed and flexible application thoroughly.

2017 can be said to be the year of transparent LED display firstly broken out. Outdoors, due to the influence of national policies such as “light pollution” and “city rectification”, transparent LED display products have risen rapidly. In order to create a new city image, more and more transparent LED display products appear in all corners of the new city. Commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S shops, shop windows and other places with glass have transparent LED display screens. The indoor transparent LED display is also unwilling to be lonely. With the stable and mature technology, high-end commercial display, high-tech fields, and even digital dance and other fields are the markets where transparent LED displays exist.

At present, LED display products in the traditional field are emerging in the field of light and thin. From the outdoor solid-state installation to the indoor large-screen display field, the trend of “transparent” is becoming more and more obvious. At the same time, in the superposition of precision advertisement push, human screen interaction, VR and other technologies, the application range of transparent LED display is still further expanded.

It is not only a high-end commercial field such as digital dance beauty, high luxury goods, fashion brand stores, etc., and the immersive shopping environment created by transparent LED display has won wide acclaim in the market. In 2017, the transparent LED display broke the barriers used in the outdoor curtain wall fixing market, and boldly made innovative attempts in various market segments, creating a new area of transparent LED display market. At the same time, it also clears the obstacles for the 2018 transparent LED display to open up the outdoor solid-packing market. I believe that in 2018, the transparent LED display market will continue the hot scene as same as 2017 with great development potential and a full-scale outbreak!

Post time: Nov-11-2019