How to repair and clean the led display?

How to repair and clean the LED display? During using process, various faults will be caused by factors such as pollution, looseness, vibration, heat, environmental temperature changes, etc., which will affect the normal use of the LED display and even cause serious accidents. Therefore, regular maintenance of the LED display is essential. So what do the daily maintenance of the LED display mainly do? Here is the one that will be revealed for you.

For displays with lower protection levels, especially for outdoor screens, dust in the atmosphere enters the device through the vents, which can accelerate wear and even damage to devices such as fans. Dust can also fall on the surface of the internal control device of the display to reduce thermal and insulatingproperties In the case of wet weather, dust absorbs moisture in the air and causes short circuit. In the long run, it can cause mildew of PCB boards and electronic components, resulting in a decline in technical performance of the device,error occured. Therefore, the cleaning work of the LED display seems to be simple and it is actually an important part of the maintenance work. The general LED display inspection is based on the "monthly inspection system", and the large-scale LED display maintenance is carried out by the "week inspection system". The specific maintenance content and response speed promise:

1. LED display screen maintenance, including lamp, module, power supply, control card;

2. LED display control system maintenance, including controller, fiber conversion card, distributor, transmission card;

3, LED display dedicated playback operation software, including maintenance and upgrade of the playback software;

4. Regular (once a month) on-site inspection by technicians to inspect and maintain the system;

5. Major activities to ensure that: the company's technical staff to guide the smooth implementation of on-site activities.

6. For outdoor LED display, damage caused by natural factors such as wind, rain, lightning, electricity, etc., is not covered by the warranty. The owner needs to be insured by the insurance company and paid by the insurance company.

7. During the maintenance service period, the general fault will be solved within 8 hours, and the major accident will not exceed 24 hours. Maintenance should replace the module and other accessories, no more than 24 hours. After the repair is completed, the service ensures that the large screen does not have a fault above the module level (such as module color cast, module black, and a row is not lit), and plays normally.

Post time: Mar-19-2020