Application of Radiant flexible LED display in exhibitions

Application of Radiant flexible LED display in exhibitions

In traditional exhibitions, static printed billboards are generally used as booth advertisements. Later, with the development of LCD displays and LED displays, dynamic video walls are increasingly used on booths. However, an ordinary LED display can only be used as a flat video wall to play dynamic advertising videos, and the booth should highlight the creative design, so if there is a product that can display different shapes of screens along with the booth design, this will undoubtedly add a touch of color and glamour for the exhibition and the booth. Today, Radiant flexible LED display perfectly solves this problem, and therefore, flexible LED screens are widely used in the design of various exhibition booths.

One of the features of the Radiant flexible LED screen is soft and bendable, and at the same time, it is a small unit size, so it is easy to apply to design solutions of various sizes and shapes.

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The design and construction of the booth at the exhibition are highlights. In addition to the display of the products, many visitors will also be interested in the design and construction of the booth. Since people are often attracted by things with good visual effects, in order to better attract visitors to the booth, many merchants will spare no effort to find excellent designers to design booths at a great cost, so the designer's concept and design in which you use are important. Traditional billboards have little room to play and actually limit what designers can do. With the development of technology, many ideas that could not be realized before can now be realized. Among them, the development of LED display screens, especially soft LED screens, provides infinite possibilities for booths. A beautiful visual feast is easy to show at the exhibition.

At the 2018 SUZUKI Auto Show in New Delhi, India, more than 200 square meters of P4 curved LED video wall was used to build a booth. The shape is a double-sided S display designed according to the Suzuki brand logo "S", which attracted many visitors to the exhibition.


A large number of LED displays will be used at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics,in order to highlight creative technology, the creative flexible LED display has been widely used and reflected in this event, such as the curved LED video wall in the opening ceremony, and so on.

Under the development trend of continuous innovation of LED large display technology, its application scenarios are expanding infinitely, and it has infinite prospects in the field of immersive experience display. What are you waiting for, quickly consult the major offices, provincial brand operators, and brand service providers to order!

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