2021 Global LED Display Market Outlook

According to TrendForce’s latest report-2021 global LED display market outlook and price cost analysis, considering the impact of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, the global LED display market size in 2020 will be revised down, but outdoor displays and municipal projects such as security monitoring are expected The market will benefit from the government’s fiscal policy and economic stimulus plan, including outdoor transportation, control room and other application markets, which are expected to improve in the second half of 2020. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate of global LED displays from 2020 to 2024 is 16%. Among them, indoor small-pitch displays are still the biggest driving force for market growth. TrendForce uses The Marketing Theory of 4Ps to analyze the display market, manufacturer development, display product trends, and display product prices to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding.
2021 LED display market outlook and key trend analysis
According to TrendForce’s investigation and analysis, affected by the epidemic, the world economic situation has deteriorated, manufacturing has stopped, and consumer confidence and unemployment have risen. Fundamental changes have affected the economic development of countries around the world. Therefore, governments of various countries will be able to provide infrastructure projects as soon as possible to stimulate the economy, ensure employment rates and stabilize the country’s foundation.
For outdoor display screens, thanks to the government’s fiscal stimulus plan, the market demand for traffic and advertising signs/landmarks (Billboard / Landmark) will likely resume in the second half of 2020 to 2021.
In addition, the indoor display market benefits from market demand for high resolution and high dynamic contrast range (HDR). It can be seen that the market for corporate & education, movie theaters and home theaters grows steadily; it also benefits from government finances. Stimulus plans, control rooms and other areas will once again become the focus of market attention.

All-in-One LED Display Market Trend
All-in-One LED Display integrates wireless transmission, video conferencing, interactive writing and other functions. It is used in medium and large conference rooms, lecture halls, multi-function halls, multimedia rooms, exhibitions, classrooms, etc. Scenes can greatly improve the efficiency of conference collaboration. With the demand for high-definition displays for 5G transmission and consumption upgrades, LED commercial displays will be very impressive in the future. In addition to the office meeting mode, it can also be used for remote medical treatment, emergency command, remote education, home theater, etc.
Different from the traditional splicing screen, the All-in-One LED Display is a standardized product integrated with the controller, which is lighter and thinner (generally the thickness is 3-5 cm), and it emphasizes on-site modular and fast installation. Installation and debugging can be completed within hours. At present, the main display aspect ratio is 16:9, and the size is from 108-220 inches. It is mainly for meeting rooms with more than 30 people, and can provide 2K or 4K display. Generally, there are wall-mounted, floor-mounted mobile, etc., emphasizing on-site modular rapid installation. All-in-One LED Display (All-in-One LED Display) market has greatly increased its attention after ISE 2020 and will become one of the main trends in the 2020-2021 market.
In response to the needs of the smart conference market, Leyard, Unilumin, Lianjian, Absen, MaxHub, LG, Calibre, etc. have launched All-in-One LED Displays.
2019-2020(F) Revenue Performance of Display Manufacturers
In 2019, the global LED display market scale was 6.335 billion U.S. dollars. According to the manufacturer’s revenue, the top eight manufacturers except for Daktronics (ranked third) and Samsung, which entered the top seven for the first time, are all mainland Chinese manufacturers. , The top eight manufacturers account for 54.1% of the global market share. Affected by the global new crown pneumonia epidemic, TrendForce revised down the output value of the global LED display market in 2020. However, with Samsung’s rapid growth in LED display shipments in the past two years, it is estimated that the market share will increase in 2020. The overall market The degree of concentration will also be further improved, and the market share of the top eight manufacturers will reach 55.1%.
2020-2024 Regional Market Performance of China-US-Europe Displays
From the perspective of the regional market structure of the global LED small-pitch display, the market size of the LED small-pitch display in China in 2019 was 1.273 billion US dollars, which is the largest market in a single country in the world. As the world’s largest LED display manufacturing base, manufacturers have continued to use their geographic advantages to expand the Chinese mainland market and increase the penetration rate of LED displays. As the cost-effectiveness of LED displays increases year by year, it will continue to drive high-end retail, conference rooms, etc. Segment the needs of the commercial display market.
The main high-growth application market in the North American market comes from the commercial display space, including various movie theaters and home theaters, followed by corporate meeting spaces and retail department stores and exhibition spaces. It is estimated that LED displays will continue to penetrate into the commercial display space in the next few years, 2020 ~2024 The compound annual growth rate of the US fine-pitch display market is 28%.
The main high-growth application market in the EMEA market comes from the commercial display space, including corporate meeting spaces and retail department stores and display spaces, followed by various movie theaters and home theaters. It is estimated that LED displays will continue to penetrate the commercial display space in the next few years, 2020~ In 2024, the compound annual growth rate of the small-pitch display market in EMEA is 29%.
≦P1.0 The development trend of ultra-fine pitch LED display products
Affected by the epidemic, the price of display products will drop significantly in 2020, which has the opportunity to promote the development of the terminal market toward the P1.2 and ≦P1.0 ultra-fine-pitch display market. Considering the display effect and price, P1.2 display screen is more suitable for control room. As the pitch shrinks, many packages (4-in-1 Mini LED, 0606 LED, 0404 LED), Mini LED COB, Micro LED COB (POB) and other products can be seen entering the display.

Especially for ≦P1.0 ultra-fine-pitch displays, energy-saving requirements drive display driver IC manufacturers to develop common cathode driver IC solutions. Suppliers include Macroblock Technology and Chipone North. In addition to using common cathode driver ICs, display manufacturers can improve LED efficiency (reducing current or voltage), improve PCB circuit design to reduce losses, or use power management with high conversion efficiency.
If the active driving solution is applied to the large-scale display market with multiple splicing, it is necessary to use TGV glass to drill holes or to take the side-plated wires. Active drive and passive drive solutions must also consider cost (material cost and splicing cost), display effect and product yield, and must continue to observe ≦P1.0 ultra-fine pitch display PCB mass production speed and cost.
TrendForce focuses on analyzing the 2021 LED display key development application market trends, display trends and sales channels in Europe and the United States, Micro LED / Mini LED ultra-fine pitch display manufacturers and technological development. I believe it can provide readers with a comprehensive layout for the operation and sales of the LED display market!

Post time: Oct-21-2020