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Ceiling hang indoor P2.5 round flexible LED screen

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With the development of the times and the advancement of science and technology, the development of the display industry has experienced a long and arduous journey from the early black and white image world to the great changes in the color world. With the continuous breakthrough of innovation in display technology, the display screen has gradually been “bent”, and the flexible display once again broke the technical limitations and completely overturned the entire display industry.

The display screens are fascinating, and the flexible soft modules in the shape of a cylinder, an inner arc, and a ribbon are attracted by the special shape. Therefore, flexible screens will become the norm in the future, and urban planning is indispensable. Radiant’s creative display has benefited from its unique flexible display capabilities, with flexible screens and transparent screens being widely used in commercial buildings, shopping malls, science and technology museums, automotive 4S stores, and branded chain stores.

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Ceiling hang indoor P2.5 round flexible LED screen,
Creative Led Screen, Curved Led Video Wall, Flexible Led Display, soft LED tiles,
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 1.No cabinet, good flexibility, seamless natural curve(concave, convex), can be bent freely, can be molded in any shape, flexible design into different shapes, to meet the needs of end users personalized customization;

2.This proutilizes the ideal module size (400mm x 300mm) allowing for both 16:9 and 4:3 video ratios. Customized ribbon cable conducts the power and data to module via quality cables and connectors guarantee safe and reliable connections between each module.

3.Be able to adapt to more complex environments, with better visual brightness; using special PCB immersion gold technology, mobile phone PCB material;

4.The soft bottom shell can eliminate static electricity; the screen is installed with strong magnetic force and directly adsorbed, which makes the installation very convenient, the magnet is completely hollowed out, and the flatness is good;

5.Independent power management: Power supply unit can be placed within 10 meters remotely to make the structure thinner to meet a perfect effect.

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