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FXO10 LED screen Digital signage led screen for Advertising

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Today, we walk on the streets of the city, and video content such as media advertisements and LED commercials broadcast on LED display screens can be seen everywhere. Advertising LED display is becoming a new force in the advertising media industry as a new type of media promotion. Advertising media companies have gradually understood and recognized the new advertising propaganda method of LED display, which can complete the cross-media and multi-pattern communication of news information products, and give readers of the digital age a more diverse information experience. In the case of the advocacy of the advertising media business and the advantages of the LED display itself, LED display media advertising has become more and more important in the advertising media industry.

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FXO10 LED screen

1.High-definition, high-brightness, bright colors, clear subject, novel design, vivid image, simple and bright, can complete the simultaneous broadcast of graphic images.

2.The advertising image is outstanding, easy to attract the attention of pedestrians, and easy to remember

3.Small screen, strong penetration of transmission, wide coverage of network, direct access to consumer terminals, low investment and quick results, good publicity effect.

4.Homemade programs, instant playback, rich content;

5.Good color consistency, high contrast and clear picture

6.Low power consumption, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection; excellent heat dissipation design, low attenuation and long life



Contrast ratio


Resolving power


Service life


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  • Pixel Pitch 10mm LED arrangement Nationstar SMD3535
    Module size 320mm x 160mm Module Resolution 32 x 16 pixels
    Cabinet Size 960mm x 960mm x 150mm Cabinet Resolution 96 x 96 pixels
    Cabinet Weight 50.7 kg Cabinet Material Iron
    Physical Density 10000 dots/m² Brightness 5500 nits
    Driving Mode 1/2 scan Refresh Rate 1920 Hz
    Gray Level 14/16 bit Software System Novastar
    Working Voltage AC100~240V(50-63Hz) Protection Level IP65
    Maximum Power Consumption 1200W /m² Average Power Consumption 480W /m²
    View Angle 140ºH/120ºV Viewing Distance > 10 m
    Working Temperature ﹣20℃-﹢55℃ Working Humidity 10%-90%RH
    LED Life(Normal Tep) 100,000 Hours Control Mode Synchronous/Asynchronous control
    Application Outdoor Installation Type Fixed
    Maintenance Method Rear Certificate CE/ROHS/FCC

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