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Chabwino Muponyeni anatsogolera Screen

High definition micro-LED video wall replace LCD video wall today especially when people want to build a large sclae digital board. In some special application areas, 2K, 4K even 8K is highly required, and real display and high brightness are neccessary. With technology developing and LED tech matured, 0.9mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,1.8mm pixel pitch are increasingly used in different projects, such as monitor room, TV studio, conference room, luxury shop,etc.

M'nyumba anatsogolera Screen

Due to the cost-effective performance, P2-P4 LED display are still mostly welcomed and used in the market for indoor application today. These series are generally used various markets according to clients demands,which has no big limitation.

Panja anatsogolera Screen

Outdoor P6-P10 large LED display are still hot sale in the market, and most are used for advertisement as a digital billboard.

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