Modern museums, galleries, and experience centers are greeting guests with new video display technology and Radiant is on the forefront of digital storytelling in these spaces. Specifically designed for the challenges of public venue installations, Radiant LED display solutions deliver breath-taking imagery and interactivity that can attract, engage, inform, and inspire visitors like never before while creating lasting impressions for institutions and brands.

Radiant Tutum and Service

dizayn, Ar-Ge, pre-satış, quraşdırma, texnologiya təlim və təlimat, satış sonrası xidmət, istehsal məsləhətləşmək satmaq həlli, bir-stop xidmət təmin etmək.

Museum is a special area compared to other normal area, this area can be supplied with different kinds of LED display according to different demand. Like traditional LED screen on the wall, transparent LED display on the glass wall and flexible LED display in the museum center with special shapes. We supply best solution under clients’ actual demand.Our display will be used to highlight the products’ features, flexibly and vividly and let static things even history come alive. Try the lowest cost meets the best effect.

Application Cases


Post time: Mar-28-2019