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P3.9 Transparent LED Display

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1.Appearance: Narrow LED strip only 3mm, 75% transparency. Aluminum frame cabinet reliable and light weight. No bare IC and other electronic components exposed, more safe and reliable, the product appearance is more beautiful and tidy.

2. Customizable: Modern glass curtain walls have kinds of size, the standard cabinet can not meet the needs of the project, we can customize the best project according to the customer glass curtain wall size, can customize cabinet structure and size, ensure the glass curtain wall is transparency and display integrity. According to the customer project customize the curved cabinet.

3.Easy maintenance:  the module is magnetic mounted, support front and back maintenance, and only need to replace the light module, easy operation, low maintenance costs, short time.

4.Flexible installation cabinet: box supports both horizontal and vertical installation, depending on the curtain wall environment; choose the horizontal or vertical placement installation.

Product Features:

Transparency: 75-85% Transparency,

Alluminium frame light weight, complete screen only 9kg/sqm.

Fast lock & flight connector: Easy and safe installation.

Magnetic module: front / back service.

High brightness: 5500cd/㎡, watch video clear against sunshine, Contrast ratio: 1500:1 Excellent color reproduction degree.

Wider view angle: Viewing angle:160°.


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