What is the future development direction of transparent LED screen?

At present, the transparent LED screen is mainly a semi-outdoor product for indoor installation and outdoor display, and is closely connected with the glass curtain wall. Although the market of transparent LED screen has been continuously expanded in recent years, the prospect is also very broad. But for its better development, occupying more market share, it is not impossible to develop it into an all-outdoor display product to win more market space.

This “guidance” can be seen that the installation and use of traditional outdoor LED displays seem to be increasingly restricted, so is the development of transparent LED screens more difficult for the whole outdoor? We know that firstly, the brightness of the transparent LED screen is relatively high, and the outdoor installation includes installation racks(structure) and other items. The light pollution is relatively serious, and it is difficult to pass the relatively strict outdoor LED display installation approval, and it is necessary to go all outdoors. Can not be ignored. Secondly, most of China’s developed cities are in the coastal zone, while developed cities are the largest application market for display screens. Due to geographical location and other factors, coastal cities tend to have more typhoons. Due to safety and other factors, this is the major obstacle of transparent LED screen to the outdoors . Therefore, the transparent LED screen should be developed in the direction of the whole outdoor, it seems that there is still a long way to go, but its indoor application is still very extensive with a huge market.

Post time: Jan-02-2020