What is the difference between transparent LED screen and ordinary LED display?

The specific differences are as follows:

Glass LED screen is similar to high-end customized photoelectric glass that uses transparent conductive technology to glue the LED (light-emitting diode) structure layer between two layers of glass. According to the application requirements, the LEDs can be designed into a variety of different arrangements such as stars, matrices, characters, patterns,  etc., belonging to a kind of bright screen, similar to the traditional LED grille screen and light bar screen structure, with light and transparent specialty. However, glass LED displays rely on glass, which is attached to the surface of the glass or sandwiched in the middle of the glass by the process. The LED screen has a special design and can be attached to the glass surface.

The contrast between the transparent LED display and the glass LED screen:

1. Installation method

The transparent LED screen can be applied to most of the building’s glass curtain wall and can be designed to match any match.

The glass LED screen needs to be inserted into the electronic control slot before the design of the building, and the architectural glass is installed to the glass frame. Installation of existing glass curtain wall buildings is not possible.

2. Product weight

The transparent LED display does not take up space and is light in weight. The thickness of the main board is only 10mm, and the weight of the display body is generally 10kg/m2. It is directly fixed to the glass curtain wall without changing the structure of the building.

The glass LED display needs to design the illuminating glass when designing the building. The weight of the glass itself exceeds 30kg/m2.

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3. Permeability

The transparent LED screen has a permeability of 50%-90%, ensuring the original lighting perspective function of the glass wall.

The glass LED screen has a permeability of 70%-95%, ensuring the original lighting perspective of the glass wall.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

No need for auxiliary cooling equipment, energy saving 30%-50% than ordinary LED display.

5. Installation operation

The transparent LED display can be hung, attached and maintained in a single curtain.

The glass LED screen can only be installed as a building special architectural glass in the construction of the glass curtain wall, and the maintainability is low.

6. Maintenance

Transparent LED screen maintenance is convenient and fast, saving manpower and material resources.

The glass LED display is almost unmaintainable, the building structure needs to be removed, and the entire glass screen is replaced.

7. Display effect

They all have a unique display effect because the display background is transparent, which can make the advertising screen feel like a suspension on the glass curtain wall, and has good advertising and artistic effects.

To sum up:

It should be said that the transparent LED display belongs to the glass LED screen, but has more advantages than the glass LED display. The transparent LED screen is more transparent, does not depend on the glass, does not have the traditional keel to block the line of sight, and is simple to maintain, high stability, high definition. degree. It is the first choice in the field of architectural glass curtain wall.

Post time: Oct-28-2019