What impact will the LED display industry have under the epidemic?

The outbreak of New Coronary Pneumonia has left the streets of the country empty and the delay in resumption of work has affected countless industries. The impact on the manufacturing industry represented by LED displays is even more significant, and it is both a danger and an opportunity. At present, although some companies have resumed work, according to different industries and different formats in this industry, the challenge period for some companies should not be 2 months, but 3 months to 5 months. For a long time, the company was at a loss. Today, let’s discuss the impact of the epidemic on the LED display industry and its future development.

1. Comprehensively affect the company’s marketing strategy

Due to the epidemic situation this year, the LED display in Shenzhen has been cancelled. Not only the tour of many companies, but also the overall marketing strategy of the year has been postponed. It is necessary to re-customize the marketing strategy of the year. Therefore, many companies have lost a chance to promote their exhibitions and have to change their marketing strategies throughout the year to increase exposure in another way to reduce the impact of the extension of the exhibition. For example, the early road LED display uses the Internet to increase exposure. At the same time, many self-media platforms also support the epidemic very much, so they have been greatly helped in Internet promotion.

2. Delay in resumption of work

It is also for better control of the epidemic. Delayed resumption of work is also responsible to the employees of the company. However, if the company does not resume work, it means that the enterprise cannot operate normally and there is no production. There will be many problems, such as: factory rent, delayed product delivery , Employees ’salaries, loans and other expenditures. There is no income, only expenditures, and the company ’s losses are inevitable.

Many friends who do LED display rental in many circles say that there will be no activities in the first half of this year, and cultural performances, commercial performances, weddings, celebrations and other activities have to be canceled, so there is no income in the first half of the year. According to incomplete statistics from the China Performing Arts Association, the national performance market was almost completely stagnant during the epidemic. From January to March 2020, nearly 20,000 performances have been cancelled or postponed nationwide, and direct box office losses have exceeded 2 billion yuan. Under this circumstance, in order to save costs, terminal operators shut down large outdoor advertising screens, and the terminal demand in the display industry has been further suppressed, only to find ways to support how to survive these months.

Although the epidemic has worsened the LED display industry, which has been slow to develop, the LED display industry has been charging ahead in this crisis-ridden situation. Great positive effect. In this battle of the epidemic, the large-screen command center is undoubtedly in an important position. It is the brain of a smart city, a window for scientific decision-making and command, and an accelerator for enhancing the efficiency of operations under the epidemic situation and wartime system. In many fields, the command and control center system has become a key node of “epidemic management”.

Strict traffic control is also implemented throughout the country, such as suspending inter-provincial shuttle passenger transportation, comprehensively setting up cards at all cross-provincial channels, and closing highway entrances to and from Hubei Province. In addition to road closures and outages, the key to traffic control is to understand the status of traffic, people, and material flows in the “transport network” in real time. At this time, the LED display screens of traffic command centers across the country became the key nodes of information gathering and became the core window of real-time command.

The pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection in 2020 has indeed brought a “significant blow” to the LED display industry in the country, but there is also a “Noah’s Ark” in this flood, like a seed of hope, It is budding. For the LED display industry, the application of LED display in the anti-epidemic command center is like this, constantly injecting vitality and vitality to the industry for those who are fighting on the front line. Nowadays, applications in the field of indoor control such as command centers have gradually blossomed all over the country, and it is also very exciting to see how excellent screen companies will perform in this field in the future.

2020 Shenzhen Radiant Technology Co., Ltd. It is difficult to overcome the difficulties and fight against the epidemic together. At present, the company has fully resumed work.

Post time: Apr-17-2020