What are the installation methods and applications of LED display?

LED display screens are now more and more widely used. When the application field and installation environment are different, the installation method of LED display is different. The following small series will briefly introduce several common ways of LED screen installation. Commonly used installation methods include column mounting, roof mounting, wall mounting, inlaidĀ mounting, seat mounting, and hanging mounting:

1. Column type: It is suitable for installation in outdoor environments such as parking lots and squares.

2, roof type: suitable for outdoor advertising, installation site main building roof.

3, Wall-mounted: mainly installed in the indoor environment of the solid wall.

4.Inlaid: suitable for installation in the wall of the solid indoor environment (small area).

5, Seat structure: is to use the concrete structure on the ground to build a wall enough to support the entire LED display, build a steel structure on the wall to install the display.

6, Hanging type: suitable for general outdoor display, such as stations, airports and other large public places.

Post time: Jul-31-2020