Virtual technologies such as VR/AR are mature, and the immersive experience LED display is a fan of its strength!

Virtual technologies such as VR/AR are mature, and the immersive experience LED display is a fan of its strength!

The term immersive experience has exploded in popularity online in recent years. In order to meet the market trend, various industries are building immersive experience halls, such as immersive experience restaurants, immersive experience museums, immersive experience theaters, immersive experience game competitions, etc., bringing a new experience to people's daily life .

What is an immersive experience? This theory was first proposed by M. It was proposed by Csikszentmihalyi in 1975, and he further pointed out in 1988: People do what they want to do according to their psychological driving force, and immersion experience is the manifestation of conscious motivation. In the final analysis, it is to take the user as the center, and use some technological effects such as lighting and images to trigger various senses of the human body, so as to give the participants a feeling of being in the state of the virtual theme.

The earliest prototype of immersive experience is to follow the screen to do sports and games. This technology, which is not affected by venue, cost, and equipment restrictions, allows many people to exercise and play at home. Under normal circumstances, users download game software first, and then select their favorite items for training. Some also require the help of a somatosensory handle to complete. For example, WiiSports includes five sports simulation games. As long as the user starts the game with a somatosensory handle, the Wii host's human body thermal imaging and infrared scanning technology is activated, and every swing and throw is captured, and the host provides real-time feedback. In this way, users can enjoy the joy and excitement brought by sports without being restricted by venues and equipment at home. After that, some new technological elements have been added, so that users have more choices and a stronger sense of experience.


With the maturity of technologies such as VR/AR.The icing on the cake for the immersive experience LED display.

When it comes to immersive experience, it is naturally inseparable from the support of some technologies, such as common technologies such as VR/AR/XR. In recent years, with the popularization of 5G and the addition of AI technology, the LED display industry has shined in the field of immersive experience.


VR, virtual reality technology, also known as "spiritual technology", "virtual environment" and "cyber space", the English name is Virtual Reality. It uses computer simulation to generate a virtual world of three-dimensional space, providing users with a simulation of vision and other senses, so that users feel as if they are in the real world, and can observe things in three-dimensional space instantly and without restrictions. The earliest VR technology can be traced back to Sensorama in 1956. It integrates a 3D display, scent generator, stereo speakers and vibrating seat, and has 6 built-in short films for people to enjoy, but its huge size makes it impossible to be a commercial entertainment facility. After years of hard work, VR glasses were born, opening the door to a wonderful virtual world of entertainment. In 1985, NASA developed an LCD optical head-


XR, extended reality technology, is a nascent term that has never appeared in China's policy system. It generally refers to all real and virtual combined environments and human-computer interactions generated by computer technology and wearable devices, where "X" is a variable representing any current or future spatial computing technology. In the 2021 Spring Festival Gala, this technology was used in the programs "Cow Up" and "Mojito", which presented a technological feast to more than one billion viewers. The current popular XR technology is considered to be a disruptive innovative technology. Whether this is the case or not is left to the judgment of the future.

At present, the above technologies have matured and are shining in various fields. Although technology is changing with each passing day, any technology has its own uniqueness, so in the case of immersive experience, we often find that these technologies intersect and integrate, rather than one technology dominating the world.

In the display industry, game events are the first to test the water immersion experience. For example, the 2019 League of Legends Professional League (LPL) spring finals was held in Foshan. The 350-square-meter Ralink Display carbon fiber series LED display was presented in high-definition, rendering the scene atmosphere to the extreme.


The competition screen adopts a hoisting "bucket" right-angle splicing design, and four screens are hung above the stage. The smooth and clear picture effect of the competition scene ensures the experience of live viewing, and at the same time, the professional performance of the long-term stable playback without accidents makes Lelink It shows that the escort mission of this e-sports event has been successfully completed.

There are also floor tile screens that have tested the water earlier. At present, there are still more companies involved in this field. The immersive floor tile screen can not only realize the interaction between the ground and human-machine, but also realize the interaction between the ground and the wall, whether it is special effects display or effect display. Reach high-tech standards, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

A few days ago, an education and training base in Zhengzhou adopted a creative display solution combining "LED tunnel display + LED interactive floor tile display" provided by Dayuan, and the display effect was three-dimensional and realistic. Walking into the tunnel is like being in a real battlefield, surrounded by comrades in arms and enemy troops. Face-to-face contact with the war scene in the tunnel made people tremble.It is understood that Fengzhou Technology uses AR deep interaction technology to create an immersive interactive experience and realize human-screen interaction, and has developed a series of in-depth interactive products: LED interactive floor tile screen, glass plank road special effect screen, time tunnel screen, etc. They can be widely used in transportation (civil aviation, subway), exhibitions, museums, planning halls, urban exhibitions, real estate, commercial complexes, education, media, stage art, sports, medical care and other places.

Last year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the market demand for floor tiles in my country was once setback, but after the epidemic in China was controlled and


mounted display, which can provide an immersive experience under the premise of miniaturization and light weight. Its design and structure were later widely promoted and adopted. In VR, users can only experience the virtual world and cannot see the real environment.

AR, augmented reality technology, is a technology that calculates the position and angle of camera images in real time and adds corresponding images. It was first proposed in 1990. It includes new technologies and new means such as multimedia, 3D modeling, real-time video display and control, multi-sensor fusion, real-time tracking and registration, scene fusion, etc. It superimposes computer-generated virtual objects or non-geometric information about real objects into On top of the real world scene, the enhancement of the real world is realized. In AR, users can see both the real world and virtual things.

MR is the abbreviation of the two words Mixed Reality in English, which translates to mixed reality in Chinese. Mixed reality technology builds up an interactive feedback information loop between the real world, the virtual world and the user by introducing virtual scene information in the real environment to enhance the realism of the user experience, with authenticity, real-time interactivity conception gender and other characteristics. In MR, it is difficult for users to distinguish the boundary between the real world and the virtual world.


In addition, the studio uses a five-sided Dehuo Technology LED screen with a total area of nearly 400 square meters, the screen spacing is only 1.2 mm, and the resolution is above 4K. A domain is constructed through the LED screen, and the scene and space are "traversed" in the domain, which realizes the virtual interlacing of two real spaces, instantly brings people to the multi-dimensional scene, and provides the viewer with different immersive visual effects. effective experience.

In 2018, the high-tech interactive art exhibition "Across the River at Qingming Festival 3.0" jointly created by the Palace Museum and Phoenix Satellite TV appeared in the Palace Museum. Different from the traditional static exhibition form, this "Across the River at Qingming Festival 3.0" is a high-tech exhibition. Interactive art performances create an immersive experience where the real and virtual are intertwined and people are in the paintings.

This is a triumphant and innovative feat of China's immersion experience. It makes many Chinese cultural relics that cannot be exhibited for a long time


stabilized, the demand for floor tiles increased explosively. In a highly competitive environment, immersive experience design is naturally inseparable in order to occupy the high ground.

At present, immersive experience is no longer limited to game events, floor tile screens and other fields, and has a wider range of applications. For example, the immersive cyberpunk culture food street created by Absen in Osuo Future City is an innovative move. Nearly 40 Absen LED displays are scattered in the streets, and the splendid neon light is embellished. Beautiful warm colors, the ultimate temptation of light and shadow blows. In the future, there will be interactive games on human screens, vividly integrating the virtual world with the offline dining scene, creating a cool and novel entertainment and leisure experience for travelers traveling from south to north. Absen LED displays are distributed in the East Hall, Cultural Food Street, Atrium, West Hall and other areas of Shanghai Hongqiao Hub. Different application scenarios are representative in terms of interaction, space and vision.

In 2017, there was a long queue at the World Ginkgo Expo Park in Pizhou City, Jiangsu Province, and people rushed to experience the simulated "time tunnel". The project is built by Leyard Lanshuo Technology. Both sides of the tunnel are equipped with high-definition small-pitch LED screens. The depth distance between the two sides of the time tunnel is 16 meters and the height is 4.5 meters. The interactive floor screen with intelligent induction at the bottom is 16 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. Integrated from top to bottom. All images have undergone special 3D processing, and the high-contrast, high-definition small-pitch LED large screen presents a surreal picture sense, and the passage of time and space brings infinite reverie...

There are so many examples of this, and immersive experiences are brought to the fore in the media space. On the eve of the two sessions, Xinhua News Agency's New Cube Intelligent Studio and the laboratory of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine launched a unique "different place on the same screen" interview. The visual presentation of this off-site interview made everyone exclaimed that it was real, as if they were communicating and interacting in the same space. And the "black technology" applied in this "immersive intelligent studio" is the Dehuo AR immersive studio system under Leyard. Using CAVE, MR technology, coupled with Dehuo 5G video communication technology, it instantly overcomes the obstacles of the screen and the distance of space, and realizes the first 5G immersive multi-screen multi-screen interview in the way of full real scene and true cross-screen.

"live", and "goes out" with the help of high technology, which not only protects cultural relics, but also enriches people's spirits world. At present, this new presentation method adopts AR, VR, holographic imaging technology, immersive performance, animation, comics, games and other technologies, and combines with traditional culture, which has been loved by the audience.

Relevant data shows that the number of immersive industry companies exceeded 220 in September 2018, and the immersive industry has become a hot spot for investment and development in the fields of cultural tourism performances, live entertainment, and exhibitions and pop-ups. At present, the three experience types with the highest recognition rate in the Chinese market are immersive live entertainment, immersive new media art exhibitions, and immersive performances. The segmented field of LED display is very broad. If the concept of immersive experience is fully utilized, its future prospects are very promising.

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