The current status and future of naked-eye 3D transparent LED display

After the rise of 3D technology in 2013, it caused a sensation in the LED display industry. Compared with the traditional 3D display, the naked-eye 3D transparent LED screen is more transparent, and the playback effect is more cool. It is a 3D effect that can be viewed on the screen by the naked eye without wearing professional glasses.

With the increasing use of LED displays, people are increasingly demanding them. Now people can't satisfy the two-dimensional flat display, and they hope to truly restore the real-world three-dimensional information. Therefore, 3D display technology is the application scheme on the transparent LED screen has become a hot spot and direction in recent years.

It is understood that the naked-eye 3D technology is mostly in the research and development stage, and its research and development is divided into two directions, one is the development of hardware equipment, and the other is the processing and development of display content. But in general, the company can independently develop naked-eye 3D transparent LED screens is rare.

Because of the difficulties, the naked eye 3D technology transparent LED screen in the true sense is still not mature. Johnson Wang, head of RadiantLED R&D Department, said: "The naked-eye 3D technology is really used in the transparent LED screen field. This is the beginning of this year. As a leader in this field, Radiant has begun to explore the naked-eye 3D transparent LED screen. Productization and initial implementation of related functions.

At present, VR/AR and Blink 3D are the development hotspots in the current display field, but there are not many practical application projects. The problem of technical defects only restricts some factors of its development.

It is understood that the naked eye 3D transparent LED screen, the most critical technical point is the "multi-view" design, so that the viewer can see the 3D effect no matter where you stand. However, now it is good to do one, two, four, and eight viewpoints, but it will be more difficult to do dozens of viewpoints. However, at present, enterprises have proposed active 3D technology, which is expected to solve the problem of viewpoint.

Second, the naked eye 3D is limited to the environment and size of use. At present, there are two main types of naked-eye 3D LED grating technology, cylindrical lenses and barrier gratings. The naked-eye 3D transparent LED screen has different content requirements than the traditional transparent LED display, and requires special content. The traditional transparent LED screen player does not have the ability in software and content. The customer buys the naked-eye 3D transparent LED screen but cannot use it.

From the feedback of the market for naked-eye 3D transparent screen products, the understanding is more and more full, and it is believed that the market acceptance will be higher and higher. In the country's latest 13th Five-Year Strategic Plan, it also provides a clear definition of the value and development of naked-eye 3D and specifies the applicable scenarios.

In the future, the transparent LED screen with the high-tech features of the naked eye 3D will be a direction for adding value to the transparent LED screen. Wait and see!

Post time: May-27-2020