Subvert your imagination LED immersive large display is so cool

Subvert your imagination LED immersive large display is so cool

In recent years, in the fields of exhibitions, entertainment and other fields, immersive scenes have attracted much attention. It brings people an immersive sense of space through the super-long extension of vision, so that people can get shocking, exciting, Incredible experience. LED displays can build large screens and achieve high-definition resolution, making them the main display solution for creating immersive scenes.

With the advantages of strong brand strength, excellent product performance, super cost-effective, high-volume off-the-shelf supply, and localized services, Radiant has become a high-quality choice for display solutions such as immersive planning exhibition halls and immersive real-life experience. Let us take a look at it. Bar!

1.Immersive Planning Showroom


An immersive planning exhibition hall in Sichuan


Planning exhibition hall of an entrepreneurial base in Sichuan


Regional planning exhibition hall of a city in Xinjiang


An urban planning exhibition hall in Shandong

2.Immersive live experience


Real scene experience of an entertainment city in Zhejiang


Immersive real-life experience at a tourist attraction in Shandong

Immersive space requires a large field of view, high-definition resolution, and a flat and natural display, allowing people to have a strong sense of immersion and substitution when they are in it. The many features and characteristics of the LED display just meet the needs of immersive space construction.

Small module, big display, assembly of super large screen

If you want to create an immersive scene picture, the most taboo is to show the boundary of the display! This can't beat the powerful "small module, big display"! LED display module, flexible assembly, the screen can be large or small! In the immersive scene, the screen can be assembled according to the requirements, which can effectively extend the visual space and bring shocking visual effects.

High-definition high brush to create realistic scenes

For an immersive immersive space, the resolution of the close-up viewing must be high enough! Powerful Jucai indoor full-color products of various models P0.8-P2 can meet the needs of high-definition images at close range; Q Pro series and S series products are equipped with PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC, refresh rate ≥ 3840Hz, no water ripples when taking pictures, Create natural and realistic scenes for immersive experiences.

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