Shenzhen released MINI LED commercial display certification standards

Since Shenzhen took the lead in introducing and implementing the Shenzhen standard certification system in the country, after five years of practice, it has been widely recognized by the society. In the future, in order to better implement the work requirements of "Shenzhen Standard Certification should be extended outside the city after a period of implementation" put forward by the National Certification and Supervision and Administration Commission in the approval of the "Shenzhen Standard" certification work, in accordance with the "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Quality Regulations" The market supervision department is given the function of establishing the Shenzhen standard certification system. From now on, Shenzhen will open the Shenzhen standard certification application for the second batch of product catalogues in the smart display terminal industry to the whole country.


It is reported that the second batch of intelligent display terminal products that can be declared this time include: handwriting painting equipment, Mini LED indoor commercial display, and laser digital movie projector. In October last year, the first batch of smart display terminal products that could be declared included: interactive all-in-one, large-scale engineering laser projectors, 4K education projectors, ultra-short-throw LED projectors, and smart laser projectors. In addition, Shenzhen foreign declaration companies need to join the Shenzhen Standard Certification Alliance, abide by the alliance's charter and related management systems, and the alliance will provide the whole process of certification services.

The LED display industry belongs to the ultra-high-definition video display industry cluster in Shenzhen's "20+8" action plan. The Shenzhen LED industry was once synonymous with LED in China, because it has a complete industrial chain, the largest LED packaging and display production base in China, and the largest industrial cluster of LED listed companies in the country.

Specifically, this "Shenzhen Standard" for Mini LED indoor commercial display products is suitable for Mini LED chips with a size of less than 200um, a pixel pitch range of 0.3~1.5mm, and an operating temperature of 0~40°C and humidity below 85%. In the indoor environment, the ultra-high-definition display using the Mini LED direct display solution.

At the same time, the "Shenzhen Standard" will take the domestic leading and international advanced level or fill the domestic and international gaps as the principle, and on the basis of meeting the relevant requirements of SJ/T11141-2017 "General Specification for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display Screen", SJ/T11281-2017 "Test Method for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display Screen" and other related requirements of industry standards, it will propose eight dimensions of technical indicators for product quality:

Product innovation can further meet customer needs and open up new markets; In line with the direction of industrial policy guidance; Fill in the domestic (international) gap and improve product quality; Strict than the national industry standard, the quality has improved significantly; Cleaner production, material selection, and eco-friendly production process; Product safety, health and environmental protection, maintain human safety, benefit physical health, and strengthen environmental protection; Consumer experience, meet the actual needs of consumers, and improve user experience; The special requirements of the industry are 


in line with and higher than the special requirements of the industry where the product is located, which leads to a significant improvement in quality. In 2021, the main business income of Shenzhen's ultra-high-definition video display industry will be about 290 billion yuan, ranking among the top in the country.

This is due to Shenzhen's earlier layout of the LED industry. In 2009, it took the lead in releasing the first special plan for the development of the LED industry in China, proposing to build Shenzhen into an important R&D and production base for the LED industry in the country and even in the world.

From 2011 to 2019, driven by the capital market, Shenzhen LED listed companies have maintained an average annual growth rate of about 30%. At present, Chinese manufacturers occupy 8 seats among the top ten display manufacturers in the world, of which Unilumin Technology and Absen in Shenzhen are ranked 2nd and 7th in terms of market share. Shenzhen has become the industrial concentration of the Chinese LED industry.At the same time, Shenzhen also proposed to enhance the regional supporting capacity of upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain. Support the development of next-generation display technologies and products such as Micro LED and Mini LED, and carry out joint research on materials, devices, equipment, and manufacturing for common problems to be solved, and promote the large-scale application of the new generation of display typical industries.

After more than 50 years of development, the display touch industry has gone through the LCD and OLED era, and the industrial model has achieved unprecedented innovation. The strong entry of MLED is expected to break the market pattern again and lead the trend of the times.

According to incomplete statistics, in just a few years, Mini LED in MLED has attracted more than 100 billion yuan of capital into the market. With the massive capital promoting technological progress and the maturity of the industry chain, the cost of Mini LED is increasing by about 20% per year. The rate of production has decreased, the yield has been greatly improved, and related technology products are becoming popularized and popularized; Micro LED still faces great challenges in mass production process and cost, and the future development of Metaverse and VR/AR has opportunities Drive the rapid growth of Micro LED.


Post time: Aug-05-2022

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