Research analysis of transparent LED display development trend

Research analysis of transparent LED display development trend

Transparent LED display

The weight of the conventional LED display is generally 30kg/m² or more. The bearing capacity of the screen steel structure and the original building structure is high. When the conventional LED display is shaped, it will be limited by the structure of the box. The defect, the conventional LED screen requires a large-scale steel frame structure during construction, which takes time and effort and has a certain influence on the shape and appearance of the building. The conventional LED display is opaque. After the project is installed, it will not light up during the day. The black and black piece will affect the appearance of the building, block the sunlight and the line of sight, and affect the indoor lighting. Coupled with the vicious competition of LED display manufacturers, resulting in extremely low profits, companies do not increase profits or even losses. Enterprises can only find new ways to achieve new ways through independent innovation, and they can survive in differentiated competition on products. Today, LEADING LED TECH developed high-through glass curtain wall Transparent LED screen to effectively solve a series of problems above the traditional LED display. Light and beautiful, the building load-bearing requirements are relatively low, without lighting, does not affect the appearance of the building; high permeability to ensure the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades, windows, etc. Good heat dissipation, anti-aging performance, and easy installation and maintenance, completely changing the limitations of conventional LED display applications on the glass. Moreover, as a new display technology product, the profit can be controlled at around 30%, which enhances our competitiveness and popularity in the industry.


Second, the glass curtain wall LED display advantages and opportunities

Transparent LED screen has become one of the most eye-catching display products in the past two years with its transparent and beautiful features. LEADING LED TECH’s Transparent LED screen 50%-90% permeability greatly reduces the LED display pair. The influence of the appearance of the building, coupled with the installation of the glass curtain wall, is a good way to circumvent the approval of outdoor advertising. Even in the United States where advertising monitoring is very strict, it has been accepted and welcomed by the government and merchants. Because it is installed behind a glass curtain wall, it does not affect the surrounding environment even when it is not working during the day. Moreover, when playing the advertisement, when designing the advertisement content screen, the unnecessary background color is removed, and the black color is replaced, and only the expressed content is displayed, and the appropriate part does not emit light during the playback, that is, the transparency effect, the playing method Greatly reduce light pollution, and also reduce energy consumption, can achieve more than 30% energy saving than general LED display.

With its new visual experience and application experience, LED glass curtain wall screen has occupied a place in the market with its unique display mode, light and thin design and high-end fashion technology. With the development of the times, the current urban curtain wall construction the brand-new advertising presentation, landscape exhibition, shopping mall and skylights have unique advantages, and they have a new display image, which has gradually attracted people’s attention and market opportunities. This product is a new growth point for our company’s operating income and profit, quickly occupying the market and improving the brand’s influence and visibility.


Third, the status quo, level and development trend at home and abroad

The foreign LED display industry has a small proportion of sales to the global market in the global market. It is usually in the middle and upper reaches of LED chips and packaging fields. It also has LED display screens for LED lighting, LED backlights, display screens, etc. product. In general, the current LED display industry in the world is concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region of China, accounting for more than 80% of the total LED display market. At present, the global LED display industry is the center of Asia, North America, and Europe. As an early and fast-developing product in the LED industry, LED displays are widely used in outdoor advertising and sports all over the world. Venues, transportation, and performances, including exhibitions, rentals, gatherings, etc.

China’s LED display application industry is still in the development stage, and there has not been any enterprise that has a monopoly position in the industry or has a large advantage. According to the statistics of industry associations, there are more than 1,000 manufacturers engaged in LED display application products and more than 3,000 companies engaged in LED display application products. In recent years, the application of LED large-screen products in China has made great progress. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, there are more and more cases of various LED large screen applications.

In 2010, China’s LED display application market output value is about 15 billion yuan. In 2016, China’s LED display application market output value has reached about 54.8 billion yuan. During this period, the compound annual growth rate reached 24.10%. Keeping at around 30% is one of the important directions for the future development of the LED industry.

2010-2016 China LED display application output value (100 million yuan)After more than 20 years of development in the LED display industry, it has become a new normal for the industry to increase production without increasing revenues and increasing revenues. According to research by relevant institutions, the increase in scale production capacity directly affects the supply and demand relationship of the market. About 70% of LED outdoor advertising companies are in a state of loss, 15% of enterprises are in balance, only 15% of enterprises are profitable, single, Traditional LED display products are difficult to meet the steady growth of enterprises, and it is an inevitable choice to seek new profit growth points. Affected by factors such as the external macroeconomic downturn and internal price wars, overcapacity, and disorderly competition, the LED display industry is entering a transition period. Under this background, the waterproof and high-passage Transparent LED screen developed by our company has broken through the characteristics of ultra-transparent, minimal, advanced, novel and unique. Based on the unique structural design, it is made with the conventional LED screen on the market. Differentiate competition, focus, develop and intensively segment the market for LED displays.


Fourth, the industrial scale and market prospects

Relevant data show that the total amount of outdoor advertising in China is 61.5 billion yuan, and the global outdoor advertising market is expected to reach 50.7 billion US dollars in 2020. The LED display is a new application for outdoor advertising media, and the market prospect is very huge. However, LED glass curtain wall screens have not been able to take advantage of strong product advantages, and have taken away much of the outdoor market share from the traditional box-type LED display. It can even be said that in addition to large-scale applications such as landmark buildings, in other broader In the application market, the glass curtain wall LED display has not made much progress.

Emerging segment products are the hotspot of LED display industry development. Transparent LED screen market value reached 87.2 billion US dollars in 2025. China’s market demand for the transparent screen is very large, and market development efforts are far from enough. Taking the market of glass curtain wall as an example, according to relevant information, the total area of modern glass curtain wall in China has exceeded 70 million square meters, and its market potential is very huge. The advertising value of this market has not been fully developed, outdoors in the city. Glass walls are a new blue ocean area with increasingly depleted advertising resources. The scope of this field is very wide, such as urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S shops, hotels, banks, chain stores and other glass curtain wall buildings with commercial value.

The US “Display bank” survey agency made a very bold prediction on LED transparent display: “By 2025, the transparent display market value is about 87.2 billion US dollars.” The market potential is huge. Some people in the industry predict that transparent screens in the future may become the second hottest area in the LED display industry, which is comparable to “small pitch”.


Fifth, Intellectual property status and development trend

From the LED industry display industry and through the search of SOOPAT patent search results, many LED display manufacturers have found the Transparent LED screen market and broad prospects. And also apply for a number of Transparent LED screen patent technology. However, in practical applications, it is mainly used in indoor stage dances (TV stations, concerts, parties, theaters, etc.), indoor commercial displays (exhibitions, car conferences, Internet conferences, etc.), indoor glass curtain walls (buildings, commercial centers, etc.) The area of the curtain wall), indoor window (brand store, chain store, etc.) and other fields.


Post time: Apr-28-2019
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