Overview of LED display applications in entertainment venues in the future

With the maturity of full-color LED display products, a large number of LED screens are used in the background display of the stage and the live broadcast display, etc., and become a necessary set product for large-scale venues. In particular, the emergence of special-shaped screens allows some LED displays to be bent. This “flexible” feature makes product deployment, the realization of some special effects, and some extremely special applications possible, and LED display applications are further expanded.
In the past few years, LED display equipment has provided stage directors with greater creative space, and has become an important reason why LED products are favored by “masters”. Driven by the Olympics application and the Spring Festival Gala case, LED display has become the core mode of LED technology applied to stage engineering. With the improvement of LED display brightness and dot pitch performance, the application of LED screens in large outdoor venues and indoor close viewing places has made a major breakthrough. The development of LED displays in the entertainment market is not limited to stage parties. During the project, it started to open up more new territories for entertainment.


Markets that have entered
Bar DJ station becomes a special-shaped screen station
In leisure and entertainment venues, LED displays are mainly used in lobbies, corridor façades, top façades of boxes and other local areas, especially in bars, performing arts bars, discos, and hall lighting design new elements LED has been widely used application. The high energy saving and long life of LED make it fully used in leisure and entertainment places, such as LED outdoor large screen and LED curtain wall.
At present, LED display screens have been gradually used as scenery walls in major high-end bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues, because the video display effect of LED display screens can set off a very good stage effect and on-site atmosphere, giving people a strong shock effect. Because it can produce light, shade and color changes according to melody and rhythm, and can form various dynamic picture effects, it can set off a dreamy blurred, dazzling mysterious, gorgeous and colorful background lighting, which corresponds to the lighting background of high-end entertainment venues. The special requirements of the indoor lighting make the expression of indoor lighting more abundant and optimized.
In addition, there is no doubt that the DJ station is a symbol of a bar and a stage facade with the special features. With the emergence of special-shaped LED screens in recent years, the combined characteristic display effect undoubtedly enhances the cool effect of the bar DJ station. The special-shaped DJ station with LED display in the bar also swirled with a “shiny” wind.
The annual consumption of the bar industry in my country has exceeded 20 billion, accounting for 1% of the consumption of the national catering service industry, and the development speed is 4% higher than that of the industry. At this rate, in the next five years, China’s bar service industry market share will advance to 50 billion yuan, and the bar industry market will present a good development prospect.

Ready to enter the field
Video screen rental demand in shadow K venues
The movie K industry has been a hot spot in the entertainment industry in recent years. Its emergence is that in order to survive and develop in the KTV industry, to solve the problem of vacancy rate of KTV rooms, some KTVs have changed vacant rooms into small entertainment spaces that can both sing and watch movies.
According to relevant data, there are currently more than 800,000 mass-market KTVs nationwide, and their room vacancy rates are between 20%-25%. On average, 5-10 rooms are vacant in each KTV. The number of vacant rooms can reach more than 5 million. If these more than 5 million rooms are transformed into micro theaters for watching movies, from the perspective of transformation costs, each room costs 20,000 yuan for equipment renovation, plus the cost of decoration and replacement of sofas, and there is a market of more than 100 billion yuan. the amount.
For now, the price is still a shortcoming for the LED display to enter the shadow K market, but it is precisely because of this that has generated the rental demand for theater LED screens. Zhang Xiaokun, Secretary-General of Shenzhen Entertainment Industry Association, said: “In the past few years, many entertainment venues were using surround screens to watch movies and sing K, providing consumers with a novel vision. With the decoration of many KTV venues from the lobby The direction of housing development, now that there are few small and medium-sized halls, this meets the needs of the transformation of movie bars, and has generated the rental demand for theater LED screens.”
However, we can imagine that the successful entry of LED displays into the movie K market in the future may be a breakthrough for LED displays to enter the cinema market. In the past, the industry has been discussing the idea of ​​whether LED displays can enter the cinema, but in addition to the cost, the confidentiality of its permissions is also a threshold that restricts the entry of LED displays into the cinema, but with the emergence of shadow K, this may be able to Become a special form of LED display entering a “cinema” market.

Imagine a new direction
LED screen entertainment in panoramic KTV places
With the decline of the KTV market, many traditional KTV venues are changing their business models and seeking new profit points. In addition to the shadow K system, panoramic KTV has become a highlight of KTV’s upgrade and transformation in recent years.
It is understood that ground-based interactive products have been used in areas outside the KTV industry many years ago, and have the technical realization of interaction between humans and video materials through interactive detection. However, due to the high cost, it has not been able to fully enter KTV. industry.
However, the application of LED canopy products in KTV is very rare, because the products that can be seen in the past are all in the open-air areas of some large shopping malls, such as the World Trade Center in Beijing and Wanda Plaza in Guangzhou. The cost is very expensive, but it is attractive There are too many people to watch. At present, no KTV will invest so much money to build this product for a ceiling in the corridor, but panoramic KTV can realize this magnificent project with a small capital cost.
Generally speaking, LED canopy products of panoramic KTV need to implement the plan during the KTV decoration design. The top of the corridor and the corridor wall need to be designed as relatively pure reflectors, so that the panoramic view of the corridor canopy and the corridor wall can be realized. , The projected content screen will look very beautiful as a whole, and when someone passes through the corridor, you will get a panoramic and shocking experience.
Although the current cost is still hindering the development of LED display screens, with technological progress, the price of LED display screens has plummeted, and products such as LED floor tile screens and LED sky screens will also be useful in panoramic KTVs. .

Post time: Feb-22-2021