LED displays shine in entertainment venues such as cinemas and bars

Nowadays, audiences in the entertainment industry hope to get energetic and energetic content, which will arouse their interest and attention. It has become popular to deploy LED displays in entertainment venues such as movie theaters and bars, and traditional paper movie posters and wall stickers have been completely eliminated.


As audiences get entertainment in cinemas, bars, auditoriums or stadiums, information about ticket prices, performances, routes, etc. will certainly attract their interest. The LED display can not only broadcast attractive information, but also create an exciting atmosphere for the audience. To
For example, a large color LED display on the front floor of a movie theater tells people the name of the latest movie they should watch. The smaller LED electronic displays that are plastered in theaters and other places tell people what they can expect. Some led display screens also help to find the way, especially in those buildings with different floors and multiple places. To
In a movie theater, the LED display screen can also interact with the audience while choosing which movie to watch, lining up to buy snacks or waiting for the movie to be released.
In fact, the full-color LED display in the cinema lobby, corridors and waiting areas can have the following functions:
1. The time period and location of the current movie
2. Availability of seat information
3. Trailers of current and upcoming movies
4. Special discounts, food packaging, children discounts, etc.
5. Movie News
6. Social media updates
7. Special screening
8. The upcoming film festival
9. Advertising by local companies
The LED display system is being implemented in every new movie theater construction and in the movie theaters being renovated. Modernization is essential to the development of entertainment venues, and LED display is a solution that needs to be deployed. With the LED display system, movie theater audiences can know everything they need, such as the movie being shown, the ticket price, which auditorium to show and other information.

Post time: Feb-03-2021