It is said that the transparent LED screen has a promising future, but why is it always not warm?

Abstract: Recently, it is reported that Google AR glasses will use a miniature transparent LED screen to return strongly. This also allows the industry to once again focus on the transparent LED screen.

A few days ago, it is reported that Google AR glasses will use a miniature transparent LED screen to return strongly. This also allows the industry to once again focus on the transparent LED screen. It is also predicted that the value of the market will be approximately $87.2 billion by 2025. As an important part of the transparent display field, the transparent LED screen market has a very promising future, which has aroused people's attention. Although the prospects are broad, why are transparent LED screens not as hot as small spaces?

Enterprises scramble to layout transparent LED screen

On October 27, 2017, Unilumen Technology announced the wholly-owned acquisition of Joywayled Technology. Joywayled Technology has certain brand recognition in the field of outdoor display, LED light bar screen and LED grille screen display; as early as September 12, Absen invested 20% shares in equity investment of RMB 15 million, and Nexnovo Technology has achieved certain achievements in the field of transparent display. The intention of layout transparent screen is very obvious, there is even more rumor in the industry that another listed company in the industry is actively planning a transparent screen company in the acquisition industry that also has a competitive advantage in the transparent screen market.

Despite this, in fact, compared to the fiery heat of the small-pitch screen market, transparent LED screens are not too warm. In the industry, companies specializing in transparent screen manufacturing, or display companies involved in the transparent screen market, add up to twenty or thirty.


In 2017, the transparent LED screen began to show its initial appearance. 2017 is an important year for China to fully promote the construction of smart cities. The development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing” is deepening. The concepts of big data, Internet+, and Internet of things will give new meaning to smart cities in the future. At the same time, the image construction of the new city came into being more and more transparent LED display products appeared in all corners of the new city. Commercial complexes, shopping malls, 4S shops, shop windows and other places with glass are all transparent LED . The market where the screen exists.

For building lighting projects, the required glass screens may be replaced with transparent LED displays. And in the process of updating the new smart city, it will be more widely used. Taking the glass curtain wall as an example, many buildings now have a special liking for the application of glass walls because of the need to pass light, save building materials and environmental protection. transparent LED display with its thin and light, no steel frame structure, easy installation and maintenance, good permeability and so on, it can be said that it is a hit with the glass curtain wall. The application of the glass curtain wall not only meets the requirements of the building itself for the glass wall, but also because of its fashion, beauty, generosity, modernity and technology atmosphere add a special beauty to the urban architecture, and because the light transmission performance is good, the transparent LED screen wall will not affect the lighting of the building when it is not working. Its display and practicality are in line with the many development requirements of the current city image.

With the construction of smart cities, some traditional advertising styles have become increasingly out of date in functional applications in some areas. Stylish and technologically advanced transparent LED displays have emerged rapidly in the image of new cities and have become the focus of many advertisers. In the advertising application of smart cities, transparent LED screens show great market application trends.

From the national conditions to the policy, to the dynamics of the enterprise, these signs seem to indicate that the transparent screen market is on the eve of the big outbreak. It is expected that the transparent screen market may usher in a period of rapid growth in the next three to five years.

Technology and cost constraints, transparent LED screen is still not "single-leaf"

Although the transparent LED screen entered the eve of the market explosion, but in the current market, the Radiant brilliance transparent LED screen behind the curtain is still used in conjunction with the traditional stage screen, and there are few real “single-leaf”. Just as the traditional display screen is difficult to get rid of the limitations of the shape, the transparent LED screen also has a short board - the display screen is not as clear and delicate as the traditional large screen, and the color is full. Such defects make it difficult for transparent screens to completely replace traditional displays, creating an immersive dance scene.

From a technical point of view, although the transparent LED screen has already realized the successful creation and application of the LED glass screen, there are certain contradictions between the point spacing and the permeability. The transparent LED screen achieves higher transparency at the expense of density, so its definition is inevitably damaged, and the screen display effect cannot be compared with the traditional large screen, and it is particularly difficult to create a real scene. Moreover, the translucent nature also makes the transparent screen susceptible to light, and the transparency of the transparent screen is also weakened when the light is too bright.

How to choose in terms of clarity and transparency is something that companies must recognize. Different customer needs are different and trade-offs are different. As a result, transparent LED screens have become more and more custom-made, and customized LEDs can be better applied to various project displays. However, at present, there are only a handful of large-scale enterprises in the transparent LED screen market, and there are few companies that can realize customization. Faced with a large number of product demands in the market, how can the Radiant transparent LED screen enterprise develop a more stable transparent LED screen? How to achieve the popularization of technology and mass production, and promote the maturity of products is a major difficulty.

In addition, since the application of Radiant transparent LED screen has not been popularized, the high price is prohibitive, resulting in many application fields not yet widely developed. Production costs, after-sales service and marketing are all urgent problems to be solved.

On the other hand, because there are not many display companies engaged in transparent screen production in the industry, there are fewer companies with transparent screen patent technology. Once the future transparent screen market is heavy, for those pioneers in the industry, they are the first to work in the transparent screen field. The company with transparent screen patent technology undoubtedly has a first-mover advantage and is more competitive.

Post time: Jan-06-2020