How to integrate the LED transparent display into the bar environment more

With the expansion of the market demand of the LED display industry and the continuous expansion of application areas, the trend of diversified development of LED display products has also been achieved. As a rising star in the display industry, the transparent LED display enters our field of vision with an eye-catching attitude. Since 2019, the number of companies that have joined the research and development of transparent screens has gradually increased. From the optimization of product prices to the expansion of product application fields, the development of transparent LED displays is unstoppable.

How to adapt the transparent LED display to the bar environment?
In fact, the good heat dissipation performance of the LED transparent display does not require an independent air conditioning system, and this heat dissipation system is an indispensable part of the conventional screen. After testing, the transparent LED display screen is more than 40% more environmentally friendly than the traditional display screen, and the transparent screen screen has its own characteristics, which can be used in glass curtain walls, stage performances, large buildings and commercial places and other applications. With the acceleration of urban construction, the high-end fashion of glass curtain walls has gradually emerged, building materials have gradually risen, transparent LED displays have sufficient brightness requirements, and the viewing angle range between the floor and the glass curtain wall and other lighting structures has also increased. Bigger. Ensure the original lighting function of the glass curtain wall. Moreover, the transparent display screen is light in weight, does not need to change the building structure, and can be directly pasted on the glass curtain wall without taking up space. It does not need to change the installation of the building at all, so it has been widely used in glass curtain walls.

In the era of fierce competition in display technology in the future, transparent display technology has been further improved. The  transparent LED display has higher visibility, can show bright and beautiful scenery effects, and make the image of the product more dazzling and super strong. Strong colors create an excellent visual experience for users. As more and more people realize the transparent display technology, various types of transparent LED displays are widely used in bars, and their unique display styles perfectly replace the traditional LED display market.

In bar projects, more customized LED transparent displays are required, and there are only a handful of manufacturers capable of independent research and development and mass production of special-shaped transparent displays.

Post time: Feb-01-2021