How to install transparent LED display in shopping malls

As a diversified commercial space, large shopping districts not only provide customers with shopping and consumption, but also are equipped with advanced commercial service facilities that can gather consumer groups, which can well meet consumers’ shopping and entertainment needs. Therefore, the use of multimedia display systems in shopping districts is not purely for commercial advertising, but more for decoration and creative applications that can attract customers’ attention. In recent years, with the large-scale development of commercial projects in China and the entry of foreign commercial projects, large domestic shopping malls have gradually built up such a demand. We also look forward to more front-end cases in the industry and truly create value for users.

With the continuous development of the city’s economy, we have seen transparent LED display screens in more and more shopping circles. It is of great significance for brand promotion and product promotion. With the wide-ranging demand of the commercial display market and the continuous development and innovation of transparent LED screens, transparent LED displays are bound to have a lot to do in the future. The transparent LED display, which is famous for its fashion, sense of technology, and strong sense of integration, is more in line with high-end shops, supermarkets, automobile 4S stores, concerts and other applications and needs.
Take the large shopping district as an example. Large shopping malls: Transparent LED display screens can effectively combine the modern artistic beauty with the mall environment; chain stores: The distinctive store image can attract consumers to stop and increase passenger flow. The unique design technique allows the transparent LED display to replace the traditional storefront external wall LED display, and richer and more vivid video advertisements, making the store extremely cool and very eye-catching. At present, many shopping mall owners and designers still don’t know much about transparent LED displays. How can we design transparent LED displays into the display system of shopping circles? Next, Radiant Technology will summarize and analyze the requirements of transparent LED display installation application solutions in shopping business districts; we will divide it into two parts: indoor and outdoor:

1. Indoor installation requirements of shopping malls
Main function: While the transparent LED display in the shopping center acts as an advertising screen, it also satisfies the scene design and creates a good shopping atmosphere.
Features: Individualized design, coordinated with the installation environment; space art effect display; complex and changeable modeling; different installation methods.
Application scenarios: shopping mall atrium location, brand chain store glass windows, etc.
Solution: Choose a malleable transparent LED glass screen for indoor environment, and carry out diversified design, custom size and shape, so that creativity can be fully displayed, bringing a more technological sense and visual experience.

2. Outdoor installation requirements of shopping malls
Main functions: brand promotion; advertising broadcast; information transmission. Features: a. Outdoors have high requirements for the brightness of the display; b. The pure outdoor environment requires the display to have a high level of protection, which can be waterproof and dustproof; c. The viewing distance is long and the screen area is large.
Application scenarios: shopping mall glass curtain walls, physical exterior walls, roofs, etc.
Solution: For the glass curtain wall environment, the transparent LED display can respond well, and it will highlight the advertising information without affecting the lighting of the glass curtain wall and the sight of indoor personnel; the outdoor transparent screen has a high protection level of IP65 and can be customized 10,000-level highlight display, good ventilation and heat dissipation performance, and can also achieve waterproof, dustproof, fireproof, low temperature, high temperature, lightning protection, and corrosion protection. It is an ideal choice for outdoor building exterior walls and building roof display screens.

Nowadays, transparent LED display research and development companies have gradually increased. From the optimization of product structure to the expansion of product application fields, the development of transparent LED display is unstoppable for a time.

Post time: Feb-26-2021