How does transparent LED display go to the market

In recent years, in summary. Although the transparent LED display market is relatively hot, it has not been widely used so far. Its high price has discouraged most users. As a result, many application fields have not been widely developed. In addition, considering its production cost, after-sales service and marketing are current Problems that need to be solved urgently.
The transparent LED display screen is transparent, unobstructed, and flexible in use. The digital stage designer has used it incisively and vividly. In addition to digital stage beauty, transparent LED displays are also gradually entering the high-end display market, with a considerable penetration rate in display fields such as outdoor advertising, exhibitions, and shop windows. I have analyzed the development of transparent LED displays in outdoor advertising before. So, in the field of commercial display, can transparent LED displays capture their own territory?
1.Creative visual experience, highlighting the fashion style of the brand
In addition, high-tech parks, high-tech enterprises, etc., pay more attention to creating places with a technological and innovative atmosphere. Transparent LED displays can not only broadcast video advertisements, but also promote brand and corporate promotion. At the same time, they can create brand signs, which invisibly render corporate innovation and The cultural atmosphere of advancing with the times increases people’s impression points.” In high-end commercial shopping centers, bars, hotels and other leisure and entertainment consumption places, transparent LED displays can become a creative selling point that attracts people and increase consumption by virtue of their fashionable and avant-garde appearance.
2.Fashionable creative display demand is promoted, and the application market is huge
With the characteristics of high transparency, transparent LED displays can easily create a smart and transparent beauty, and the characteristics of visual penetration and LED self-luminescence also make them have their own fashion, technology and futuristic sense. Creative display and high-end display fields are very popular. welcome. For example, in the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show and Guangzhou Auto Show, transparent LED displays competed with new car products at the booths of major auto brands—many auto brands choose transparent LED electronic screens to decorate their booths and broadcast car advertisements, which can highlight the avant-garde brands and cars. Sense and sense of technology.

In the same high-luxury and fashion brand stores, transparent LED displays have also become “new favorites”. At present, many luxury and fashion brands have introduced transparent LED displays into their stores to display products as window advertisements. The reason is not difficult to understand-the transparency of the transparent screen is highly compatible with the transparent window design of most storefronts, which can display the dynamic video advertisement of the product without completely blocking the passing passers-by from viewing the product display in the store. The transparent LED glass screen is still a relatively new display device, which is trendy.
3. There are tigers in the front and chasing soldiers, the market effect still needs to be consolidated
Although the transparent LED display has the characteristics of high permeability, beauty and novelty, it does not mean that it can be all right. In particular, the current new display devices are also being upgraded and developed from time to time. The current promotion of transparent LED displays is still relatively limited, and market awareness needs to be strengthened. Under this, new products have the opportunity to cut into the market and compete with transparent LED displays.
From the applications listed above, it is not difficult to see that the creative and beautiful appearance of the transparent LED display makes it a candidate for creative display equipment in many fashion technology venues. Today, with the accelerated development of digital advertising and the increasingly developed commodity economy, the commercial display of transparent LED displays will go further and further.
In pursuit of high transmittance, transparent LED display screens have sacrificed high-density and high-definition display effects at a certain level, which also means that it is difficult for them to go further in the field of display at close range. What’s more, in close-range transparent display, LCD transparent screens have also been put into use, and the pixels and transparency are more suitable for close viewing. In addition to the indoor commercial display field, high-definition is undoubtedly more popular with merchants. Therefore, transparent LED display screens need to continue to improve their technical level to compete with LCD transparent screens in the market.
In addition to LCD, it is also an LED display. The LED film screen products newly developed last year should not be underestimated. In addition to the same high permeability, the LED film screen also has many advantages such as softness, lightness, and easy installation. Without the use of glass as a raw material, its protective performance is also higher. The application fields more similar to transparent LED display screens are mostly glass showcases, glass curtain walls and other places. It can be said that they are products with a high degree of substitutability. At present, although the LED film screen application market is still small, the market education is far away. Not as good as the transparent LED display, but its advantages such as simple installation and bending and folding are also better than the latter. Therefore, transparent LED display manufacturers cannot be satisfied with the status quo, but must adhere to a high degree of vigilance.
In addition, the transparency of the transparent screen also makes its display quality inferior to conventional screens, and the content of video advertisements is relatively low. Therefore, except for transparent windows and glass buildings, other advertising displays are rarely used on transparent LED displays. This is also one of the factors that limit its further development of the commercial display market.
The advantages and disadvantages of the transparent LED display are the two characteristics brought about by its technology. Such technical effects not only help the application of the transparent screen in the high-end display field, but also limit its wider application. At present, it seems that transparent LED display should move from the high-end market to universal application. It is not only necessary to solve the technical obstacles in the display, but also to reduce the price, and strengthen market promotion, education, and preemptively occupy the potential market before it can further expand. The market share in the commercial display field opens up a new blue ocean in the market.

Post time: Mar-01-2021