Fire and electric shock protection:Transparent LED screen installation and use safely instructions

After installation and putting into operation, the transparent LED display must be installed in addition to daily maintenance. The following is a safe operation guide for your convenience:

Avoid electric shocks:

● The power must be completely turned off before performing any installation or repair work.

● Disconnect the product from AC power before using the product or before repairing or installing any part of the product.

● Ensure that the product's protective ground is fully grounded.

● Only use AC power that is consistent with local residents' wires and have overload or leakage protection.

● The socket for supplying the product power must be installed close to the product and easy to contact, so that it is convenient to cut off the power supply of the product in time.

● Use only wires supplied by Radiant or equivalent wires to connect the product to AC power.

● Only connect the product and AC power with a plug of not less than 20A.

● Carefully check that all power distribution equipment and wiring are in optimal condition before using this product.

● Do not use this product if it is damaged, defective, or wet, or if there is any obvious sign of overheating.

● Do not expose this product to rain or moisture for a long time.

● For the operation that is not covered in this manual, please contact a professional engineer.

Avoid fires:

● A temperature monitoring switch or fuse must be used. Replace the damaged with a specified type or specified fuse.

● The clearance between the exhaust fan and the ventilation holes is at least 0.1 m.

● Do not modify the product in any way not mentioned in the manual.

●The product can only be installed using the recommended components of Radiant unless otherwise specified in the manual.

● Do not use this product when the ambient temperature exceeds 55 °C.

Avoid injuries:

• Ensure that any hardware device used to support, secure, and connect can support at least 10 times the weight of all devices and equipment.

● When stacking parts of this product, securely fix the part plane to prevent the product from tilting or collapsing.

• Prepare at least two standard spare connections to ensure the safety of each product. The spare connector must be able to withstand at least 10 times the weight of all equipment. It must be installed in accordance with the method described in the Radiant manual.

● Check to make sure all external hardware is well connected and secure.

● In the process of installing, repairing or moving products, no one is allowed to enter the work area and work platform.

Post time: Apr-21-2020