Do you know a few points of transparent LED screen foreground and transparent LED screen display principle?

In the past two years, the demand for LED display shopping malls has declined. The price wars, channel wars, and capital wars in the profession have increased the performance, which has intensified the competition between LED screen companies. Most companies constantly adjust their strategies to flexibly respond to the current shopping mall environment, so that a certain segment of the mall to highlight its own brand advantage, to achieve a true “people without me, people have me fine”, looking for a new way out of development.

Zhuhai Project:China-Latin-America Expo Transparent LED Screen Mall Vision

In the category of LED display screen using terminal products, transparent LED screen has a place in the display method, light appearance design, high-end atmospheric technology smell, with its new visual experience. As a concept segmentation shopping mall for LED display screens, transparent LED screens is not only rich in the types and methods of display screen products, but also bring unlimited business opportunities for the development of advertising media malls. As early as 2012, the US market organization Displaybank announced that the “Important Skills and Shopping Mall Outlook” statement had been daring to speculate that by 2025, the apparent production of the mall was about $87.2 billion. Undoubtedly, the transparent LED screen is a rising star in the field of LED display, and its vision is great.

Transparent LED screen display principle

The transparent LED screen is a micro-dissimilarity of the professional lighting strip screen. The patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging and control system have been improved in a targeted manner. With the structure of the hollowing out plan, the permeability is greatly improved.

This LED display skill plan greatly reduces the blockage of the structural components to the field of view, maximizing the perspective. Together, they have a new and common manifestation. The audience stands at an ambition, and the picture is suspended above the glass curtain wall.

In addition, when planning the LED content screen of the LED screen, the unnecessary background color can be removed and replaced with black, and only the content to be expressed is displayed. The black part does not emit light during the broadcast, and the effect is as shown in the figure. The kind of broadcasting method can greatly reduce light pollution, and can also reduce energy consumption, and can complete more than 30% energy saving than the general LED display screen.

The transparent LED screen has been broken by skill, not only ensuring the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., together with outstanding heat dissipation function, anti-aging function, and convenient installation and protection, completely changing the tradition. LEDs appear to limit the use of screens on glass.

Post time: Nov-25-2019