Application of Radiant Transparent LED Screen in Commercial Buildings

Application of Radiant Transparent LED Screen in Commercial Buildings

With the development of outdoor advertising and LED display industry, more and more commercial  advertising electronic large LED screens can be installed on buildings to display. In general, the traditional outdoor LED display occupies most of the market share, and it is also unconventional in terms of performance, such as combining with dynamic 3D video to present a naked-eye 3D advertising effect. In addition, it can also be combined with mechanical equipment to present another display effect by moving in physical position. These creative business display models are effective, but the cost is high. Therefore, the most common outdoor advertisements at present are ordinary electronic large screens and ordinary video material for mainly product display advertisements.

Although the traditional outdoor LED video wall occupies a major outdoor advertising market share, its drawbacks are also significant. However, the emergence of transparent LED displays provides a more perfect solution for outdoor advertising, especially for outdoor advertising built on buildings. Today, many architectural designers and builders like to use a large amount of glass as an important material element of the building, which reflects the beauty of design, reduces other rigid building structures, and integrates more gently with the environment to achieve the concept of harmony between man and nature. Because the traditional electronic large LED wall needs to be installed in the process of installation, it is bound to destroy the original building structure, and at the same time, it will completely block the light at the installation location. The


traditional outdoor LED display is heavy in weight, complicated in installation structure, high in energy consumption, and difficult to maintain. These shortcomings can be avoided in transparent LED displays. Therefore, transparent LED displays have been favored by the market as soon as they are listed, and they have also been quickly applied into actual cases.

Whether it is shopping malls, airports, museums, government buildings, or glass curtain walls,P2.9 glass LED display solutions can be used for advertising. High transparency can be integrated with the original building structure, and the installation does not need to destroy the original building structure. "Internal installation and external display" can maintain the integrity of the original building appearance and advertising display, the best of both worlds. Lightweight, easy to install and maintain, it is the best choice for many semi-outdoor digital signage projects.

Post time: Jun-22-2022

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