5 common application places for transparent LED displays


As a major branch of the LED display market, the transparent LED display has become a new area of ​​concern for major businesses with its unique display mode, and has become a new trend in the development of new media. So what can the transparent LED display large screen be used for? What? Let’s take a look!
[Stage stage beauty] LED transparent screen adopts surface mount device SMD technology, the shape design is not restricted by the box structure, and can be diversified according to the stage shape. The transparency and thinness of the LED display body are used to change the overall picture depth Long, conducive to the rendering of the stage effect and driving the atmosphere, perfectly expressing the stage theme.
[Large shopping malls] The transparent display screen full of science and technology is undoubtedly a weapon for advertising activities. The interactive combination of modern art and store shape can effectively attract consumers’ attention, increase the audience rate of advertising, thereby increasing passenger flow and allowing advertising The promotion became cool and beautiful.

[Glass window] As long as there is glass, you can install the transparent LED display device. The installation is simple and fast. It can be installed and designed in the building, interior decoration, glass window decoration and other fields, bringing revolutionary changes to retailers.
[Architectural media] The architectural media has made great progress in recent years, especially in the deactivation of glass curtain wall buildings. The LED light bar screens and transparent sky LED screens that have emerged have become unique display solutions that businesses like .


[Technology venues] Custom-shaped transparent LED display screens bring high-tech effects to people in appearance and viewing experience, and perceive the fantasy and mystery of technology through the screen.
It is believed that with the continuous maturity and improvement of LED display technology, LED display products will become more abundant, effectively improving the degree of market application, and transparent LED display will also be applied to more fields, changing people’s daily lives, and helping people Provides a technologically full display effect.

Post time: Feb-24-2021