2019 is the year of e-sports outbreak, and the LED big screen is “battle”!

The first e-sports card in the history of the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games was picked by the Chinese team, which also made "IG Niubi" popular all over the world; in 2022, at the Asian Games held in Hangzhou, e-sports will become an official event; With the development of e-sports, 2018 is considered the first year of e-sports, and 2019 is more likely to become the first year of e-sports. There are competitions, and LED displays are naturally inseparable. The huge blue ocean in the e-sports display market is undoubtedly a huge opportunity for the LED display industry, which is in urgent need to find more new markets.

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LED display patterns help e-sports

Any large-scale professional e-sports arena is inseparable from the LED display. In June 2017, the China Sports Stadium Association issued the first e-sports stadium construction standard-"e-sports stadium construction standard". In this standard, it is clearly required that e-sports venues above Class C must be equipped with LED displays. The viewing screen "should have at least one main screen, and multiple auxiliary screens should be set up to ensure that spectators from all angles can watch comfortably under normal conditions."

For top game events, the display system is the key. The most important equipment for e-sports events is the LED display. The "big" and "clear" LED display can better meet the viewing needs of the audience. In order to create the vivid and gorgeous effect of the game scene, a large number of professional e-sports halls are even equipped with stage installations. As we all know, in the field of stage beauty display, LED display is the king of our own. With this year's innovative applications such as ice screens, mechanical screens, and LED interactive floor tiles, it can better meet the needs of technology and immersive perception in game competitions. The e-sports market for display screens is even more stable.

At present, LED screen companies in the industry have performed well in the field of e-sports display. With the increase of e-sports competitions, we have seen more and more wonderful performances of LED displays in the e-sports scene.

Recently, the 2018G League Finals hosted by "Tomorrowland" kicked off in Shanghai. In addition to the teams, players, fans and audiences of the famous e-sports clubs across the country, there are also many e-sports celebrities who attended the finals. Absen provided LED bucket-shaped screen support for the competition, which won a lot of applause from the scene and was praised by the e-sports media as the "largest bucket-shaped screen in the history of e-sports."


In addition, Leyard is also full of confidence in the e-sports market. At the end of last year, Leyard and 11 other home appliance-related companies jointly launched the "Entertainment E-sports Industry Alliance" (abbreviated as EEIA") project cooperation consortium. Bringing together entertainment and e-sports With high-quality resources such as competition, technology, sports, etc., jointly create a new type of "entertainment e-sports", and establish the industrial layout of entertainment e-sports, and then tap its huge potential.


With the opening of the Hailan International E-sports Digital Entertainment Center in November last year, Lianchengfa provided large-screen support for the large-screen project of this professional e-sports venue.

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Of course, there are far more than the above-mentioned screen companies that have made a difference in the e-sports market. With the continuous improvement of LED display technology, in order to provide customers with a more realistic and interesting e-sports experience, display products and solutions Adding multiple technologies and functions such as artificial intelligence, 3D, big data visualization, human-screen interaction, multi-screen interaction, etc., makes the e-sports display more interesting and vivid.

As the public's recognition of e-sports continues to increase, the scale of the e-sports market will continue to expand, and the demand for large LED screens will inevitably increase sharply, and it is even expected to become one of the mainstream markets for LED displays. Facing the blue ocean of the e-sports market, LED screens continue to improve their products and their own service capabilities, making the e-sports "vision" more exciting!

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