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FXI2.5 LED screen

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With the continuous narrowing of the dot spacing of LEDs and the continuous improvement of resolution, LED display screens can completely replace the traditional large-screen display wall in some fields with high requirements for use, and the LED display images are completely without seams. It is almost invisible to the naked eye. The size is not limited. The brightness of each part is highly consistent. The image is rich in layers and the color is even. It is perfect even if the screen is displayed or combined into a large screen. The display effect is obviously higher than the effect of traditional display mode.

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1.Energy-saving design, lower power consumption, longer life, low carbon and environmental protection

2.Using high-definition playback system, the color saturation is relatively high, the number of colors can reach 1.07 billion colors, the color display is more symmetrical, the refresh rate is up to 3000Hz, and the gray level is up to 65536. The picture is clear and natural, and the display is flicker free.

3.Point-by-point correction is supported to ensure consistency of color and brightness during use.

4.With the information publishing function, it can select a variety of styles, flexibly control the font size, and its network function can also control the real-time control while broadcasting the network information, and adjust it according to the needs of customers in time.

5.It mainly supports clear and flicker-free video image playback camera function, realizes live broadcast of various live programs, can also compress and control video images, and can also play files in multiple formats, with multiple display modes.

6.Support front & rear maintenance

7.Cost-effective, widely used, mostly used in hotels, schools, hospitals, stations, airports, restaurants, etc.

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